Vue + Nuxt + Vuex + Bootstrap Developer

This project is to work on an Open Source web application using Vue + Nuxt. A base project has alread been created and available for review: [login to view URL]

The software revolves around home automation to control lights, fans, TVs, sprinkler systems, and more. No skills with automation protocols are required, but is a bonus. You'll be sending API requests or MQTT requests such as:

{"device":"bedroom_fan", "command":"on", "level":"50%"}

You'll be working though github issues/projects to manage you're work.

Skills & Requirements:

* git repos / github

* CSS / HTML elements

* Bootstrap

* Vue, Nuxt, Vuex

* API – working with JSON API standard ([login to view URL])

* MQTT client – Maintain an open MQTT connection for sending/receiving events.

* Python is a plus, but not required.

* Any automation device/protocols you know is a plus, but not required.


This application interacts with the Yombo Gateway: [login to view URL] and will be the replacement frontend user interface. You'll be interacting with two APIs, both using the JSON API standard. You'll also be working with MQTT connections for live streaming of event messages and device commands.

Yombo Backend:

The entire backend is getting a make over and is nearly complete. Now it's time to start working on the frontend application make use of this. The Yombo Backend is a JSON API using standard HTTP methods. The backend is the source of truth for everything except device status and gateway state information, for which you'll connect to the gateway API to get those details.


The gateway software is running Ptyhon using the Twisted framework. It's responsible for managing all automation devices and tracking their status. The gateway abstracts automation protocols away from the user and presents a simple API Interface to work with. It also manages the MQTT broker and broadcasts all events there. The MQTT can also receive device commands to control automation items such as lights, fans, and more.

It interacts with the backend using [login to view URL] – [login to view URL]:Overview – documentation is out of date since the backend makeover.


Block diagrams and wire frames are available here: [login to view URL]

***** The frontend application ************

This is what you'll be working [login to view URL]

I've started to create issues to work through and will start developing project tasks.

Please send me some git repositories that you have created or were heavily engaged with. Please list you hourly rate as well. We'll test your abilities with 5 hours of work to start with and will continue from there. This will will be an on-going for about 2 to 3 months to start.

Design a 8.5×5.5 booklet that shows company profile for customers

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Post 6 Ads on a Classifieds Website

Post 6 Ads daily on a Classifieds Website

Its a cleaning service company Located in Toronto, Ontario Canada

I woud like it posted it on [login to view URL] with 6 ads posted let it sit for 48 hours and then delete and repost. So in a week 3-4 postings. Please apply if you have experience posting. I will provide all the information required for this posting.

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