3d Isometric Explainer Video for E-commerce Products


My company Rod armour sell a range of fishing accessories and fishing rod covers. What we want to do is create 10 15 second explainer videos about our various products. I have the content and storyboards done. I am after a high-quality competent isometric designer.

There will be a few elements to create

1. Fishing rod cover (different colours/ same shape) [login to view URL]

2. Fishing Lure cover [login to view URL]

3. Fishing Rod Wrap [login to view URL]

4. Fishing Rod Hook keeper [login to view URL]

5. Graphite particles inside the fishing rod

6. Car / Boat / Ocean graghics

7. CrocClip to attach to rods [login to view URL]

These elements will then be combined together to produce videos over simple backgrounds like the beach, river or lake.

If work is done to a high standard there will be a lot more work to result from this from us.

[login to view URL]

Please attach a copy to your portfolio for me to review.

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