Auto Betting for Pinnacle

Hello, how are you? We need to develop a web application that will receive the bets that need to be made.

Receipts of bets that need to be made are via email (Gmail Servers).

[Project Specifications]

1. Create routine to check the inbox of our email

2. Read message content Identify the following tags in the message: Sport, League, Event, Odds, Stake)

3. Find the event via API

4. Place the bet via API

A small dashboard needs to be built to display the system operations log, KEY API settings and create a "test mode" where bets are not sent to the API.

Simple design that can be developed

p.s: Some information received is in Russian.

p.s [2]: It will be provided the layout of about 5 ways we receive the email, the system must be able to interpret all.

Thank you!

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