Phone Based Cryptocurrency Project Technical Guideline

$ 30.00 — 250.00 USD
Need 2-4 pages of roadmap (technical guideline) to develop a purely phone-based blockchain network similar as pi network.:
Solution to build a new blockchain, or using existing blockchain, to create a new system/community/cryptocurrency.
Similar to Pi Networking, that is purely based on phone users, and based on phone mining. (so, basically, not PoW or PoS based chain).
Should be able to let all users to vote for certain issues, and be able to change the block data under majority user's agreement (For example, A's account has been stolen by user B.
Under majority user's agreement by vote, the system can change the block data, and make A's stolen currency back from B).

The guideline should be clearly state the solution and answers for following:
what's the overall technical solution and the guideline to develop the system?
which kind of blockchain to use (or build), with what kind of language or platform;
what kind of technical background needed for the developer to do the work
why it's good to be used for purely phone-based mining, and how the phone users contribute to the operation (mechanism)?
Any security issues or concerns?
how to prevent people to use simulator/emulator to fool the system (i.e., use computer instead of phone for mining)?
How to make our cryptocurrency/token to integrate/exchange with other token/currency?
Estimated cost and time to build such system.
(we'll provide a detailed operational idea about how to run the operation on the network).

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