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Description:HereÂ’s my project (I have detailed it as much as possible so, no surprises). What I need is someone to take an existing calendar and customize it to support an event listing structure. All bidding providers should:
-Have at least 3 years experience coding PHP/MySQL
-Have a good understanding of access control level structures & user permissions
-Be able to start this project immediately

Admin/managers will add top line event info/dates and registered users then fill-in the details and particulars for that event. There are two open source calendars that I want to use (either calendar will work, provider can decide). The existing calendar frameworks (very comprehendible & clearly commented) are here:
so, thereÂ’s no need to code an entire calendar. All that is needed is customizing one of the two above to my needs.

Access Control:
There are four levels of access (some of these controls are already in the calendar scripts):
Admin: can do everything (create, update, delete events, plus manage users)
Managers: can create, update, and delete events
Registered Users: can create (but usually wonÂ’t) and update events assigned to them
Guests: can view events & calendar but, nothing else

Adding Events:
Managers will click on a particular calendar date to add an event. They will be presented with a form with the following fields: Event Name, Location, Event Type, Category, & Reoccurs. Important in these fields are:
Event Type: this will be a dropdown list of different event types. The selected event type will determine what form is called when users fill-in event details.
Category: will determine which registered Users (based upon a common group level) can fill-in the event details. This will prevent Users from altering events they are not assigned to.
Reoccurs: This is already in the script but, I want it to be modified. As it is now, a reoccurring multi-date event is entered as one table row in the database (entering info for any particular date in the span is reflected in all of the dates). I want, if the manager adds multiple dates to an event, individual database rows to be created for each event date (all with the same event info) so, each date in the span can be edited without affecting all the other dates in the reoccurring event.

Event Forms:
Based on the Event Type selected by an Admin/Manager, Users will be filling-out the event details form customized to that type of event. So, I will need 4 details forms with customized questions designed to submit that particular event type information. Separate php files for each type should be created and then included/required based upon the event type.
I think it makes sense to create separate database tables for each type of form and have the master events table unique “id” field serve as the identifier to locate the data in the separate tables (and obviously the “event type” field in the master events table to tell which particular table to search).

Filling in Event Details:
To separate the creating of events from the filling in of event details, I want the event creation form to be linked to each numeric date on the calendar but, the event details forms to be linked to the individual Event Name links that are created by the Event Form. So, clicking “15” on the calendar will bring up the simple event form but, clicking on say “Mardi Gras Street Festival” in the date cell will pull up the specific event details form.

Event Photos:
Maybe the biggest hack that needs to be implemented is event photo uploads for each event. When an event is created, there should be an “Add Photos” link (along side the “Edit Event Details” link) in the event popup window. The photo upload form should have 5 upload fields along with a short description text field for each photo. The upload should do your standard resizing & automatic thumbnail generation (GD2 or imagemagik). Uploaded photos need to be associated with the particular event and should be displayed (thumbnails linked to full-sized popups) at the bottom of the event details page.
Included in the logic of each individual event details form, there needs to be the ability to edit/update event details and delete event photos.
IMPORTANT: only Admin/Managers should have the ability to delete an event and any particular photos they want to remove. Users can delete event photos and alter event details on events THEY ARE ASSIGNED but, cannot delete any events and cannot alter events they are not assigned to.

The last thing I want is separate from the calendar but, uses all the information generated by the event forms. I'd like to have a reporting page where managers can select various criteria (date range, event type, users, all info) and get a report table summarizing all the collected data (plus column totals). I'd like to be able to click a link at the bottom of the report that would then export the displayed data to an excel spreadsheet.

I will obviously need to see the basic functionality but, thatÂ’s it. I do not need any graphic work or custom skinning done on the calendar (the default installation look is fine).
Please show me links to relevant work you have done along with your bid. Thanks!
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