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Description:I am currently devising an online marketing campaign for a website. The job will require constant and continuing SEO and other online marketing techniques. I need a reliable, fluent English speaker who is able to help me get this done.

The campaign will go for 3-6 months, with the possibility of turning into a continuing campaign (forever). It will focus on gaining top 5 rankings on a selection of high performing keywords and phrases in the top search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN. You will be responsible for keyword research and assisting us with the initial list of keywords for use, with explanation of why those keywords are ideal to target. Message me in PM and I will give you the URL to the website that we will be working on.

Other than targeting top level money keywords we will also be looking at targeting high traffic low competition keywords from articles on our website for traffic optimisation.

The following strategies have been employed for this campaign. Please bid only if you are familiar with them all.

On Page SEO - We have a solid understanding of on-page SEO, but need you to look more carefully at our page and let us know how we can improve on it depending on the keywords list derived from your keyword research

Off Page SEO - Link building, Anchor Text, Relevance, Improving Page Rank, Authority websites, Article Submissions, Search Engine Submissions, Directory Submissions. We have an article writer who writes our articles, but you will be responsible for submitting them to article sites. We have a list already, but we hope you can suggest a list of other good article sites for submission.

Pay Per Click - We will put out a budget for the PPC campaign. Your task is to research the right keywords for the PPC campaign and also handle the campaign yourself, keeping us updated with its performance.

Ebay Marketing - I have an e-book that I want you to post on Ebay for bidding just to draw leads to my website. This will be constantly updated (relisted) until the end of the campaign (if it ends)

The measurable results we wish to achieve are as follows:

Page Rank
Month 1: Minimum PR3
Month 2: Minimum PR4 - appear within first 3 pages for the majority of our keywords on Google, Yahoo and MSN
Month 3: Minimum PR5 - appear on the first page for the majority of our keywords on Google, Yahoo and MSN
Month 4: PR6 - appear in the top 3 of many of our keywords for the major search engines

Now I know it takes 3-4 months for Google to update their database but what i need to achieve is the equivalent Page Ranks at that particular month. So when Google does update their database, I expect to see my site with the right page rank. Hope this makes sense... ie. after 6 months, i dont want to see myself still lingering on a PR 4.

Additionally, you need to be able to send us detailed reports regularly on how the campaign is going. For example, where we stand for particular keywords on search engines compared to the previous check, how many websites are linking to us, Google Adwords report etc.

I will withhold a portion of the money until the next Google update to measure whether the objectives are met. Once clarified that the objectives are achieved, this amount will be released. For that reason, only bid if you are confident you can achieve the required results. The successful bidder will be the one with a proven record and a good portfolio for SEO. He/She will need to be continuously up to date with search engine guidelines and algorithms. Please bid only if you are serious and can deliver. Please indicate how much time you are willing to commit to this project in your bid or in PM.
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