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Cutomize MI Word Press Blog


See the attached file for details of the blog I want you to customize as well as some other task that you will do for me within this project.

Thanks and how soon will you be through?

By the way, I want a situation where as soon as a blog is posted, it will be reflected in the home page.

Also I want a situation where, when I make some changes to the website's template, it will automatically reflect in the blog.

If you can do this project for me on time, I will give you other similar projects to do for me.


Professional writer for IT and Finance articles required


I am looking for a professionnal writer that could write for us 10 articles from it industry (software developement and systems) and 10 others market finance related articles..

Articles should be 100% Original, well researched and of excellent quality.
Length of articles should not be less than 500 words.

All must have well researched and have some technical information.

Craigslist Ad Poster

We post ads in Craiglist's Financial services section.We have already 70+ ads written.We run a campaign for six months.My office stuff used to do that.Now, we are very much loaded with jobs and no one is available to do this task.We need at least 6 days a week to post our ads ( we have the ads, you can modify those for best fit in CL criteria). If you work 1/2 hours per day that will be enough. We don't pay by LIVE ads, but we want you to do your best to keep ads LIVE, not flagged or ghosted. Do you know how to do that? I men IP address,following guidelines and other stuffs, so that CL authority will not be able to flag it. When we post our own ads, we had like 95% LIVE and 5% flagged or ghosted. That is due to our competitors who actually Flagged the ads .Why? because, we are not doing any scams.We are very upfront and honest company which is serving our clients years after years. Clients renew their loans with us at least 3-4 times, because of the trust and service. That our competitors don't like. Tell me how you will be able to do that and take that challenge. It will be a long term job for you.(if you show your performance a+). So, if you are agree, what's the next step.We want to see at least one day trial from you. We want to see that you post at least one ad in a day in the following cities (30 cities). * atlanta * austin * boston * chicago * dallas * denver * detroit * houston * las vegas * los angeles * miami * minneapolis * new york * orange co * philadelphia * phoenix * portland * raleigh * sacramento * san diego * seattle * sf bayarea * wash dc * hawaii (big Island) * Anchorage (alaska) * Oklahoma City * St.louis (kansas) * Memphis, tenessee * New Orleans, Luisiana * Jacksonville, Florida If you agree I will send you the ad samples (70+). You can modify that for best fit in CL so that it is removed or ghosted (u know what ghosting is , i believe). We will pay you in advance after this trial every week. It will $2.00* 6 days= $12.00 for your 6 hours of job (one hour every day).If you work more hours, we will pay by hours. According to our estimate, to post (cut and paste from our word documents, it takes around one hour to post in 30 cities.) Let me know asap. So that, we can start asap. We will be happy with this statistics. Ads are posted in financial services section of CL at least 50 cities. 95% live all the time, 5% removed or ghosted or flagged! At least 6 days a week. You will post the ads (viewed at the same time) Eastern standard time of USA in between 8 am to 10 am (Morning time in New York) everyday (not sunday). CAUTION: IF YOU ARE NOT CAPABLE TO DOING IT, PLEASE DON'T WASTE OUR TIME.ALSO, WE WILL NOT PROVIDE PVA'S OR IP CHANGER (UNLESS IT"S AN EXCEPTION!) BEST WISHES, ALAN

Looking For A Talented Affordable Writer

Hey, we're looking for a talented writer who is hungry for lots of work. We're looking for a freelancer who is capable of working fast but effectively. Qualified applicants must have a portfolio and must be talented. Additionally, qualified applicants must be affordable. If you meet the above requirements then we would love to view your portfolio and discuss the opportunities that we provide. Again, were looking for serious minded writers who are talented and fast at what they do. Please respond with your portfolio and list out your skills and let us know how many hours per week you're available. Quality of writing: All English writing-related content delivered to us MUST be of grammatical, structural and logical quality. If you are a non-native English speaker you are HIGHLY CAUTIONED AGAINST taking this job, unless you are 100% certain that you can provide this level of writing.


Hi, I'm currently using Aqualine 1.0 theme (free theme), which is not compatible with most plugins I require. Looking for someone who worked with Gantry framework (free Wordress framework) and do some customization on it (layout) to match the feel of Aqualine theme (simplicity) Some other things: -Advert placement on the comment section -Auto posting on Facebook fan page (plugin/will provide you the fan page link) -Social bookmarking + commenting (plugin) -Facebook + Twitter Since we are going ot use Gantry framework most of the work based on installing recommend WordPress plugins and keeping the layout simple and clean. I need some work samples based on Gantry framework. No advance payment, you get paid upon delivery via SL. This can be done in 1 day and max 3 days. Bidders over the budget will not be considered. Communication via Skype. Thanks,

Customize an existing Joomla Template JSN Epic

This project is to customize the JSN Epic Joomla 1.6 template. If you have the complete version of the template, then please install it on my server.

The purpose of the site is to build a number of sales/landing pages to demonstrate our products. Our products are related to the financial stock market.

You will be responsible for coming up with stock images related to the financial markets.

To see the template, go here: -- they have good documentation so customizing is easy.

1. You will simply copy/create the content from the following sites and create landing pages/articles on the site. Qualified bidders will get the site URLs.

2. You will customize the template. I will give you a simple list of tweaks to do the site.

3. You will need to add a stock-ticker module. You can use Google Finance API for this. It is very easy and free.

That's it!

** You must be able to start working on this project within the next hour if you bid! This is a very simple job, so it shouldn't take too much time. **

Looking for a Zen cart expert to update my site and repair addons

I’m looking for a Zen Cart expert to help update my site and repair several addons. I’m looking for someone that I can establish a long term working relationship with as there will be a lot more work in the future.
For this project, I need help:

Updating Zen Cart from version 1.3.9f to version 1.3.9h
Repair the Sitemap XML addon. It doesn’t work.
Repair the RSS feed addon. It doesn’t work.
Repair the Zen light box addon. It doesn’t work.
Repair the SEO URLs addon. It doesn’t work.
Repair the Advanced Cross Sell addon. It doesn’t work
Repair the USPS shipping module. It won’t calculate shipping for international buyers, but it works fine for US buyers.
Add a category display box to the home page for the Tool Bags & Pouches category. This category display box will display 6 different Tool Bags & Pouches from the entire category. Please see the home page to see how the existing category display boxes work.
Add a category display box to the home page for the Wire & Cable Installation Tools category. This category display box will display 6 different Wire & Cable Installation Tools from the entire category. Please see the home page to see how the existing category display boxes work.

The addons may just need to be updated. I’m not sure. I haven’t researched this.
The site which you will be working on is:
This is an active site. I will provide the host’s name to the person chosen to complete this project. You will be given FTP access and access to the admin section of the site.

Spin articles using TheBestSpinner (10 articles for spinning)


We need someone who has access to the spinning software - TheBestSpinner, from Jonathan Leger.

We are looking for someone with strong background in article spinning and experienced in using the TBS. We will provide article and you will be responsible for doing the rewrite and delivered with a spin syntax in place - Saved as .txt and .tbs file.

We need the winning applicant to re-write each sentence twice in TBS, Protect My Keywords, replace favorite synonyms better or above, and remove words that make no sense. The sentence / words selected must must look perfect with no grammar errors.

For start, we will supply you 1x 400-500 word article that needs to be heavily spun. And once we satisfied with the work, we will send you another 10x articles for spinning.

If you fullfill the above requirements, kindly bid and tell us:

1) Your past experience using the TheBestSpinner.
2) Send us samples of your works if you have.

* This is a long term project and we will like to con't to work with you for other projects for very long term if you can provide us with on-time and high quality work.


Kind regards,


We would like to create a simple web site that enables us to change content.

The design needs to very creative but simple in its function.

If you look at this web site, this is exactly the introduction we are looking for

Only 4-5 pages in total.

Please provide your pricing and examples of your work that is like this.

We will have a number of other assignments after the initial web site that will become a part of this portfolio.

The work is urgent, so please bid if you can commence immediately.

Finish simple insurance website (html, css) #2

I have a website that needs to be completed. The website uses a template that uses yahoo's YUI grid system, so this is a very quick and easy project.

I will send ANOTHER website, css file, and images that you can use as a GUIDE. Basically, you will just put the images and text from the Photoshop file into the guide I send. It will already be coded 90%.

The website is done in ASP.NET, but the changes needed are strictly HTML and CSS. There is nothing complicated about it. I will provide:

1. The CSS (everything is already sized, setup, and ready to go)
2. The PSD with organized layers
3. ASP.NET Master page and files

All you need to do is save the images from the PSD, change the colors, make some minor css edits, and this project is done. Easy money.

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