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Mobile Phone App For Healthcare Website

Need a programmer who is good with mobile phone applications to make me a SIMPLE app that links to my website I do not want the app to only be a direct link to the web page, but an app that brings the information uploaded to the website to the organized app where it can be accessed. This project should not take long and should be fairly straightforward. Anyone who is interested, I please message me. Also, per pricing and the competitive markets, I will only pay up to $350 for this project, anything else is simply not worth it. Looking to start ASAP with a no BS, straight shooting mobile phone app developer. Want the app on iphone. Some people have already spoken with me but have not got back to me, so I have submitted this re-post. Cheers

Joomla 1.7 – Install Template + Components + Modules

I have a fresh install of Joomla 1.7 on my server. My requirement: PART ONE Install a commercial template that I have purchased along with all of the related mods + components that have come with the template. This template has a QuickInstall element but I want the mods + components manually installed. Get the hosted version operating exactly as the demo ( PART TWO Delete unnecessary menu components and sample data leftover from Joomla 1.7 install. PART THREE Install and configure: (a) Kunena + slight template modification (b) SobiPro + slight modification to template may be necessary (c) JEvents + slight modification to template may be necessary (d) Ultimate Feed Display (e) GlobeWeather ***IMPORTANT*** If you have a high level of experience in working with Joomla, you may be suitable for this project. You must show me a complex Joomla site that you have created if you wish to be shortlisted for this project. Please post any questions you may have & Thank you for your interest

Convert Simple Psd Website Template To WordPress

I need a WordPress expert to convert a PSD website template to WordPress. The template requires a slideshow widget, and two column wordpress template with a widget sidebar. Basically similar to wordpress's default template. I have a home page PSD file and inner pages PSD file. Please provide me with samples of your work; showing the original unedited template and the actual wordpress converted site. The more demos, the better. Budget: I am creating a featured project so you get paid more, so I'm asking bids be less than my max. Rights: I own intellectual rights to this projects and you agree to this before bidding on the project. This means it cannot be added to a public portfolio. Payment: Once the work is done and working, I will pay you. All the money is escrowed to keep you and I safe. You can see my feedback that I pay fast. Turnaround time: I need this as soon as possible once started; possibly within 24 hours or less. Please only bid after you have communicated with me on the PMB and you agree with the turnaround time. Any bids w/o communication thru PMB will be ignored. Please send me a private message and I will show you the website template that needs to be converted.

Php Form Creation

This task entails the creation of an HTML form with validation to be submitted via PHP. The form is a customer satisfaction survey. Overview The current site operates a custom content management system using Smarty templates. However, it is considered that the easiest and quickest way to develop this survey is to create it out-with the content management system as a standalone page. A link to the site HTML template will be provided on request for download. Form requirements A mock-up of the form can be seen in the attached image. This may be subject to minor alterations to text labels, etc. The mock-up styles are not intended to be replicated exactly, this is solely to guide the scriptlance developer in creation of the form. The form should be validated to ensure the submission is valid and correct. The client has not stated a requirement for a CAPTCHA but this may be a requirement at a later time; please ensure that this is an option to add easily at a later date. Whilst the mock-up shows radio buttons being pre-selected, the radio buttons should not be pre-selected. The developer will need to create the form via HTML and in keeping with the existing site styles and layout (template link available on request) Server requirements It should be noted that the server hosting the site does NOT allow mail to be sent via SMTP servers. Submission of the form should be via PHP mail. It is requested that the form submissions be nicely formatted for easy review of the customer survey. The developer must allow a simple way for the form recipient to be changed. Other server information, if required, available on request. Timescale / development requirements Upon project start, the monies will be deposited into escrow. 50% will be released upon satisfactory form completion on your own server. The remainder will be released upon satisfactory integration on client's server. This project needs to be completed quickly - please ensure you are available to finish the work over the coming days. Please get in touch with any other questions.

Implement Design. Need Css Expert With Php Skills

Hello, I will provide the spliced design for the main page that I need to update. I need to put up another page for another product that is very similar to the main page There are several pages where I need to update the logo I need to make a couple of small modifications on the footer and header that should affect all pages I need to put up two more pages in the merchant section. I have the PSD files for those two pages It would be best if you also have good php skills and an understanding of cakephp

Fix A Few Bugs In Flash Site Tonight

***I need this done by Friday afternoon, EST. Please visit I need to wrinkle out a few bugs on the site... 1. When you first land on the site, there is a graphic that comes up and it says BiOS Institute. I need this same graphic (high resolution) to come up when you click on 'about bios' and then 'home'-right now this image is low resolution/fuzzy. 2. When I click on many of the links, the text which is supposed to be contained inside the left-hand box spills out below the box. I need all text in all links to be self-contained within the box. Its' tricky, because once I click on it and then click again the problem self-corrects, but it looks terrible the first time you click on it. 3. I need the contact form text edited. The first field should be "Name", the second "Company", the third "Phone number" the fourth "Email" and the fifth "Message"... the submit button should direct mail to info at bios institute dot com. 4. Remove the preloader I believe this project should take no more than an hour or two and need to get started tonight. Once confirmed, I will give you access to all files/ftp and put money in an escrow ASAP.

Design Project For Experienced Web Designer 2

I am for a designer to custom design a contact form on joomla site, so you must have css and design skills. I am also looking for the virtuemart thumb images to be a particular size in the frontend. Currently in the backend the size is bigger than the frontend images. You must provide examples of your work with your bid. Only bid if yu are currently available to work on this project and will communicate until completion of the project. NO TIMEWASTERS PLEASE! I will only contact bidders that I am interested in.

Tranlsation English To Italian

I have a config file (needed to translate a website) made in english and i need it to be translated in italian. It is made up of 448 short phrases like: $lang['434'] = "Please read our Terms of Service"; $lang['435'] = "You must choose a price"; what you have to do is: $lang['434'] = "Per favore leggi i Termini del nostro Servizio"; $lang['435'] = "Devi scegliere un prezzo"; Respect the uppercase/lowercase elements just like i did. The total number of words is about 2200.

Magento Extension Customization 2

Hello, I need magento expert to work on a ready made extension. Right now the extension make product form at the front end and when we fill the form it is saved in database and show in a grid at the backend then admin need to approve it. When admin click on approve it redirect the same product to catalog/product form and admin can save there. Right now we want to add custom fields for the product. Same as for the other fields it should show on catalog/product-- custom options. I have added the custom fields just need to save it in database and show it in catalog/product--custom options. I need it urgent, please right person bid here. Thanks

Customize Jquery Anything Slider (or Whatever Works)…

I have a Modx site which will have a 100% page width slider on the top. It contains the posters of all of the films that the studio has done. These poster images are all the same size and loaded through the CMS (with a plugin called "Gallery"). I need someone to customize Anything Slider or similar carousel (InfiniteCarousel) is another close one, so that the slider can: 1. Accommodate an unlimited number of images (loaded in backend). 2. Slide infinitely across the page width (already coded in both jquery plugin examples given). 3. Fade caption only on the active image. 4. Be jq-easing ready. 5. Have slider nav buttons on either side of the plugin (*css - left arrow at left:0, right arrow at right:0;) I'm on a very tight deadline (less than a week from post-date) to finish so if you have already working exaples that would be great. I will take care of the Modx integration and styling myself. Thanks so much for your consideration. Image example attached.

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