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Install Email Software Script + Install My Lists To Mailer

Hello - I need my new email software script installed to my server right now, (tonight). I also need you upload my 3 CSV email list files to the new script once you install it. The lists are in CSV format (Excel) but they may need to be aligned correctly so that the lists are installed correctly. BTW - These are NOT paid list but my own with Aweber and my 3rd part software. I just need to consolidate them into one service. The email script is from "autoresponseplus" Thanks

Landing Page Settings And Under Construction Site

Hi. This is an easy jet quite important project to me and I need to award it soon and to be completed within 1 or max 2 days (including weekend) I provide the .ai file for an squeeze page, then I need you to do the html necesary and upload it on my hosting account. It includes a video that I need you to upload. Also and opt in (registration form) that I need you to configure with my icontact account. So at the end of the project I will have a video squeeze page with an opt in working. The squeeze page must be created under the specified domain. The visitor should receive an automative message upon registration. Second part of the project is to upload an underconstruction site. For that I provide a jpg. I wont pay anything upfront. Scrow goes as follows: 25% to begin, 25% once the squeeze page is up and running propperly with all I asked. 50% once the underconstruction page is uploaded. This is very simple but again my purpose is to get to know some trusty professional people to outsource few proects in the future. PLEASE CHECK THE FILE ATTACHED FOR THE SQUEEZE PAGE

Hyip Calculator 2

Need an HYIP calculator similar to http:// www .hyipmoney .com/calculator (remove spaces) I need to be able to control the design or work with you to provide an acceptable permanent design. Throw some numbers in that calculator and see the results/summary it gives. The summary and details are a part of this project. Please reference this request in your response.

Easy job to check pagerank of websites and email them.

This is a very easy job and an easy 10 rating.

You are to do a google search on alcoholism, ways to stop drinking, ways to quit drinking, how to stop drinking, how to quit drinking and anything related to alcoholism.

You are to search for sites that are not selling products and check their pagerank. If they have a page rank of 1 or above you are to email them and offer them $30 for 3 links on their website.

I will give the the email needed and you are to write a list of the websites you have contacted.

This will be a two day job and work must be started immidiately.

Chained Select Boxes (JS)

I need a chained select box like shown in the picture. It should be static javascript (no ajax etc).

In the first select box you select the language (DE/ES/FR etc.), then the 2nd one shows you all options for this language and the third all options for box 1 and 2. There is a COPY button which will then copy the selected template's text to the clipboard.

Source data is in a mysql table.

CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `msg_templates` (
`locale` char(2) NOT NULL,
`situation` varchar(255) NOT NULL,
`response` varchar(255) NOT NULL,
`template` text NOT NULL

INSERT INTO `msg_templates` (`locale`, `situation`, `response`, `template`) VALUES
('FR', 'Not Wanted Anymore', 'Return for Refund', 'Text1'),
('FR', 'Damaged', 'Return for Refund', 'Text2'),
('FR', 'Damaged', 'Return for Replacement', 'Text3'),
('FR', 'Damaged', 'Return/Refund or Keep/Cashback?', ''),
('FR', 'Damaged', 'Return for Refund (short)', 'Text4'),
('FR', 'Not Received Order', 'Wait more', 'Text5'),
('FR', 'Not Received Order', 'Double check', 'Text6'),
('FR', 'Not Received Order', 'Tracking: delivered', 'Text7'),
('FR', 'Not Received Order', 'Refund or replacement?', 'Text8'),
('FR', 'Ordered from 3rd Party', '(Supplier:) Request no Invoice', 'Text9'),
('GB', 'Not Received Order', 'Wait more', 'Text10'),
('GB', 'Not Received Order', 'Double check', 'Text11'),
('GB', 'Not Received Order', 'Tracking: delivered', 'Text12'),
('GB', 'Not Wanted Anymore', 'Return for Refund', 'Text13'),
('GB', 'Ordered from 3rd Party', '(Supplier:) Request no Invoice', 'Text14'),
('GB', 'Not Received Order', '(Supplier: Request refund)', 'Text15'),
('ES', 'Item Undeliverable', 'Refund or Resend?', 'Text16'),
('DE', 'Ordered from 3rd Party', '(Supplier:) Request no Invoice', 'Text17'),
('DE', 'Not Received Order', '(Supplier: Request refund)', 'Text18');

Must be delivered within 24 hours after project acceptance.


Crystal Reports Writer Wanted


I have about 30 reports that need to be made. I am a Crystal Report writer, so I have a good idea how long this will take. I have a project manager that will assist you with tracking the reports.

I have a well-normalized database and can detail exactly how everything works.

I also have very detailed requirements documents.

Most reports should be able to be built in 10-15 minutes.

Flash/mysql/php Live Cam Feed Mod

Hi, I run an adult BBW cam site powered by modenacam php/flash php script. I am looking for someone to take the livecam.fla file and create a banner. Basically I would like to include the live feed of the girls who are in free chat on other websites of mine. The banner should automatically pick a girl at random who is in free chat and display their cam. after 2 minutes or if the girl goes into private chat the feed should be stopped and a form displayed asking the guest to enter a username/password to register for the site. The banner should be very simple just needs to be the live feed. If possible I would also like the performers to be notified of how many people are viewing the banners. A message could be displayed in their performers app every minute updating them on how many people are viewing the ad.

Setup A Full Server For Domain Parking Service

I am looking to setup a full Domain Parking Service (i.e. like We are looking to install and config a lynix apache server to run a full domain parking service. WE ARE NOT looking for a 3rd party domain parking type script. ... MUST SHOW US A FULL WORKING DEMO OF DOMAIN PARKING SERVICE SETUP ON YOUR SERVER! Do not waste your time or ours with a bid unless you can show us a full working demo of what you have done and/or can offer to install/setup for us... AdSpace

Url / Link Redirect Software

We need a simple URL/link redirect software created. Please check out something that is similar by watching the video at We'd like to make an improved version of this software. Please use similar HTML that is shown in the video. Please change the front end layout and the graphics to make the software look unique. In addition to the features shown in the video, we will need HTTP referrer blanking and the ability to split test x number of URLs instead of just 2. The end product needs to be a .ZIP file that can be downloaded which can then be installed via FTP or CPanel File Upload to work on their server to use online. We are looking for someone who is experienced with developing web software like this. We are also looking for someone who has great English communication skills. We will need the full source code. We need it to be heavily commented well so we can understand what is going on in the code to edit it later. We will also need the full ownership rights for this project. We will have more work coming up soon if this project goes well. In your reply to us, please tell us what your approach to designing this project will be and how long you think it will take to complete the project. Please include the word ?URLPROJECT? at the beginning of the message so we know that you are not a bot.

X-cart Pro 4.4 With Clever Filter Error And Not Working

This is the error message Access denied ! Attempt to write data to a missing field of the table. Try to remove X-Cart cache to solve the problem. Error ID: 79 Cache is false in the config.php Link to the filter system - The website is on a godaddy shared g4 server and this is the php info page I need a programmer knowledgeable with X-cart pro. This should be an easy fix. I need the admin part and the front end of the filter system working correctly. The system allows you to create a category but when you add a filter to it. It gives you the error message I added the Clever filter files to the project for you to review. Please pm me if you have questions

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