Please all questions before bidding.I'm hoping this is easy to do.I would like to create an invoice or list page that will hold page selections, kind of like a wish list or invoice style just not as detailed.The invoice/request page can be a float page similar to jQuery Dialog, new tab/window or other idea. Do notwant it as a pop up since most people block those now.I have attached the MySQL table, and the file I use to search the database.I would like a click to add button. It only needs to be on the 1st line since most of the time I will only beentering in a part number and get a one response.Then after each time I selected an item it needs to have a Finish or Done button and return to main or last page.Like a continue shopping. When I click finished it will total the Markup/Retail columns and give it a request number and save it. There also needs to have a box to enter their email address.Captcha Box to keep robots out since this will eventually be on a web site.Then submit button.Sends them and my address an email of the request/order.** Allow me to put footer/header messages in the email.