First, I am looking to build a relationship if possible, expecting to have a good bit of business. This request is to modify the front page on the skin that I will provide, What you do is find the images and I will provide initial content. I can modify the content later if necessary. I will supply a logo mock up which can be improved on if you wish. The logo should be transferable to the Fan Page. It is only fonts and nothing crazed so we are dealing with picas etc. There will be five images to be supplied. My preference is to have them more in graphic than photo form. Sort of cartoon but maybe not. You can see from the model, that I am deviating from what would be the norm. (By cartoon I mean more of the line drawing than the digital volumemetic style. Actually I like the idea of a classic cartoon plunked down in the middle of a slick presentation) The major images would be one of a tangled web (spider) and the other of a great crowd with something like Elvis being very prominent. Maybe a dropout of Elvis (or what one chooses) would work. The other three are a car with a flat with one person showing, then a tire being pumped up in some form and then the car packed with people speeding away, (however this works). Actually this is a good theme but we don't need to go to extremes to fill the bill. The script or content under these images will be supplied. I will supply the lines under the pictures. However the third column pic will be a call to action and needs to have the sign up form. To keep the abbreviated and clean form in mind, I would prefer to have only the two boxes? Name and Email. The Info Lines next to the lead rolling images should read better than what these show. This is only font and density stuff. I really don't care about the color. Good enough right now. The Drop Downs will be modified slightly. Home is Home. I will supply the BS for About Us. News is to be changed to Blog and the drop down format stripped to a single column (hopefully leave formatting for future). Contact should just be the sign up form with the ability to add content above. This should be coordinated with the front page sign up form, however that works. Portfolio should be blanked out for future use (soon). This is my company site and deal with GVO. So all is ready to go. Let us hope you do not charge by length of instruction. Wade Swicord