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Music Subscription Website

I am working on building a progressive form of a record label for bands in the metal genre of music, based off of the "1000 true fans" model. The main purpose of the website would be a hub for managed bands to upload their exclusive content (songs, videos, etc) and for fans to be able to subscribe to them. I would also like for there to be a paywall so that some content is viewable to the public, and exclusive conteny is viewable and downloadable by the subscribers; similar to pandora. I have a small team that can do basic coding, design, and plugins, but cannot do much of the more complex coding from scratch. Currently, my designer has coded a main home page, and will be designing the links from the toolbar, such as each band's individual pages and information on subscribing. Each band's"profile" page will need to have a paywall, so that anyone can view their info and maybe stream their songs, but subscribers would be able to download whatever content bands choose to upload onto their individual profile pages. Subscribers will need to be to have the option to subscribe to just one band, multiple bands, or all of the bands on the entire site. I would also like for subscribers to be able to build and share playlists and comment on what bands post.

Uninstall Wp Super Cache WordPress Plugin

Hello, I bought a script for my wordpress blog and it is conflicting with the WP Super cache plugin that i previously installed. I have uninstall plugins before but the WP Super cache plugin is a pain to uninstall because I need to dabble with .htaccess etc.. something that I am not willing to do because I am not a techy kinda person. I need a programmer that is familiar with WordPress, familiar with WP Super Cache plugin and have high ratings. I don't know how much this is going to be but this should be affordable since its uninstalling a widget from WordPress. If you fit my requirements and your price is fair, I am ready to start now. Thank you for reading my project post :) Sincerely, Work247

Website Content Writer

We are looking for a highly professional website content writer to write the following contents for our services. I am from the USA so I need someone who is competent. You will write the following contents: 1. A few sentences to be posted on the front page on what the site is, Similar to facebook or twitter I need something like this... Facebook is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them. People use Facebook to keep up with friends, upload an unlimited number of photos, post links and videos, and learn more about the people they meet. but for my site.

Phpfox Development Needed

Hello, A client of ours has recently asked us to develop a PHPFox based website. The requirement is solely & totally one thing. The site needs to function exactly like Facebook. (Only the homepage and interiors need to be more colorful.) What we are looking for is a developer who can work with us long time. This is a whitelabel project. And we receive many such projects over the weeks so if you have our back in this one, we can talk a lot of long term deals. What we need is - We have already ordered the license, but we cannot activate it before the 6th of next month - since the client made a payment via echeck for the license. So what we need is a developer to utilize their own copy of PHPFOX make the site function like facebook and upload the demolink on "our demo server" for us to show the client Once the client is satisfied, we will make the payment for the design & coding costs that you bear. Please write "asterisk" in your message & don't ask for upfront payments and or escrow. This is a big project and remuneration will be according to it. Big accordingly and we can have a lot of projects your way. Thank you for reading.

debug C# toolbar

My C# toolbar has one button.

when the button is clicked it generates a file called doc.html

the doc.html is HTML that is found within an iframe.

To make the process 'easy' I have certain "keywords" that tell the toolbar what iframe contains the source I want. This works great for most sites, but it isn't working properly for one site and I need it fixed. I can give remote access to the machine where the code is installed (any work must be done here).

Here's some code currently in use:

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