Graphical User interface with a listbox that will connect to an Accesss MDB file on the background VB6(repost)

Graphical User interface with a listbox that will connect to an Accesss MDB file on the background
needsto be in Visual Basic 6
Use of multi level List box
- Patient
-- Study
- Series 1
- Series 2...

Listbox need to be connected to the accessmdb file on the back end
thebuttos will enable selection of multiplefields and deleting
alsowhen clicked it should return the desired values (double click right click actions)

Screen shot of the existing GUI is attached. This will be an enhancement for the current GUI.

The list box columns will be editable,sortable,moveable,selectable...
also toupdate the fields should be possible

Theprogramalso should be able to check a folder and get the folder size and show on the form with the file name (certain file)

Flash photo collage maker w/ template system

I need a Flash photo collage maker, exactly like this:


- Import photos from Facebook albums, computer & webcam.
- Template system that allows me to create unlimited layouts (in addition to the 2 examples, see all other templates on the site linked above).
- Each template comes with its own collage layout, custom shapes that can be added & backgrounds.
- Scale and rotate every individual element.
- Export (save to) computer, share on Twitter, upload directly to Facebook.
- Also, every template's skin (background) is customizable so I can make different "themes" (eg. orange collage maker for Halloween,...).

GUI will also be very similar to the examples, but will be provided by me.

With your bid, please provide as many as possible Flash-based projects you've worked on before.

Prototype iPad image-load and scrolling using “lazy load”

Implement a prototype that loads images onto ipad from a Web database of image URLs and allows page scrolling.We will provide Json feed to the Web database which delivers the image URLs to be loaded.Load 6-thumbs per iPad page and allow scrolling similar to how the iPad main pages scroll.Implement using properly-threaded "lazy-load" so that on-screen scrolling is "normal" and is not affected by loading, and memory is appropriately cleared and re-loaded as one the scrolls.Bidders, please indicate relevant experience.

Mobil App Developer

? The Pogologos Company has created “Pogomoji” a unique code/character set that will allow users to communicate by sending SMS messages and or emails using these characters. On the iPhone the collection of characters will need to be to be added to the International Keyboards the same way emoji/emoticon apps are added. On the Android platform this unique set of characters maybe added to the international keyboards or work as a stand alone app. There are around 130 characters that will be displayed as 3 tables of 12 characters and 9 tables of 10 characters.

Web Design Tweaks for Website (Rush Job) Need This ASAP

You must have CSS, HTML, & Photoshop skills for this job (not desiging any here just need different placement of a layer)

I need all tweaks done within the next 8 hours.

1 - I have psd of the site which needs 1 - 2 changes to the background and then I need these changes reflected in the html and css.

Specifics: Layer needs to be moved down the page from where it currently is. Then need make appropriate changes in html and css if necessary.

2 - I need an image placed and quoted text placed in the footer

A few other minor things as well easy stuff.


Zencart Database Fix

I need a zencart experienced programmer to change the db the way its working now. My site is developed in zencart and the issue i am having is my product names are not displayed in full. The db current db characters is limited. it cut out the names of my product.

For example my product name is
Bupleurum Dragonbone Oyster Shell Teapills (Chai Hu Long Gu Mu Li Wan) 200 Pills
But when i save it to site it cuts out and this is what displayed on the website Bupleurum Dragonbone Oyster Shell Teapills (Chai Hu Long Gu Mu L

So i need u to fix it either changing the db characters or if there are any settings that can be done within zencart without touching db i need to fix either way.

Note:- My website is live so i don't want to do any experiments. First u have to do this on test server then move to live once its fixed. Only bid if u are confident u can do this.

Six unique 500 word articles

I need 6 unique articles about the following tipic:

1. Types of stress

2. What is stress

3. Stress release games

4. Stress and pregnancy

5. Stress at work

6. Coping with stress

Each article should be a minimum of 500 words and must be unique (I will check all articles with Copyscape.

I expect the grammar to be error free.

Please include the keyword 5 times in each article.

Collapsible Menu Plugin WordPress

I need a collapsible menu that operates like this: Notice on the left menu bar: Customers can click on the parent category "AIR INTAKES" Please notice the behavior. Two things happen . #1 - The page reloads with ICONS representing the subcategories #2- The subcategories slide down and are visible. I need this developed as a plugin that my client can add his own parent categories, assign subcategories and edit the parent category page so that clickable icons are visible. Please ask any questions and submit your best price! Thanks so much

Php Scripts Digiresults Integration

I am using Butterfly Marketing Software Open Source and I would like to integrate Digiresults into the payment. I would still like the script to function as normal. I already added in the members area where the user will add the affiliate ID but its the text needs to be changed. I will only be using only digiresults as it pays instant commissions. If possible in the affiliate area I would like it to reflect the commissions made. If possible I would like to add subscription based. Digiresults is not capable of this so I would like something that would send an invoice to the member to pay for their membership or if no payment is made it will return them to a non paid membership removing access to the content. Butterfly Marketing Software open source is available freely and the info for digiresults is here: Questions please ask

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