Build a (non public facing) customer portal to update time sheets.

My friend is a labour hire company – they have (ex) 50 labourers they hire out. They want to be able to let their customers fill out a time sheet for those labourers – so needs a Start Time and End Time as well as Break Time and then work out the actual time for the day. (And there will be a small Customer Table and a small Labourer Table too – my friend will update these)

So labourer # 2 works from 8am to 12pm (4 hrs) but has a 30 min break so he will get paid 3.5hrs.

(we have a UI format for this)

There is not a lot of data so small record sets.

When the user logs in and has completed they click to "submit" and it attaches the results as a CSV file (colomn order to be defined) to an email address.

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