Script installation:

Languages such as Tcl and Lua, were specifically designed as general purpose scripting languages that could be embedded in any application or used on their own. Other systems such as Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) provided strong integration with the automation facilities of an underlying system. Embedding of such general purpose scripting languages instead of developing a new language for each application also had obvious benefits, relieving the application developer of the need to code a language translator from scratch and allowing the user to apply skills learned elsewhere. The Common Gateway Interface allowed scripting languages to control web servers, thus communicate over the web. Scripting languages that made use of CGI early in the evolution of the Web include Perl, ASP, and PHP. Some software incorporates several different scripting languages. Modern web browsers typically provide a language for writing extensions to the browser itself, and several standard embedded languages for controlling the browser, including ECMAScript (more commonly known as JavaScript), CSS, and HTML.
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