Clinic floor plan layout + 3D image

I am moving to a new office premise. I will be renting 2 offices, the walls in between will be removed. I want to know if the size will be enough for my preference. There are two door options, please see attached.

Area preference:
-4 treatment rooms, more premise 3.5 treatment rooms.
-Reception (2 – 3 nurse, entry/exit on either end of the reception table for convenience). Reception desk able to have 2 IMAC, 1 laser printer, 1 ink jet printer, file cabinet.
-Presentation area (weekly health talk with maximum of 8 participants, can use the waiting area)
-Storage area (next to the reception)
-Waiting area
-Self serve area (Nepresso machine with water dispenser for patients)

Design preference:
-wooden floor
-white walls to attract outside lighting
-LED overhead lights
-high reception desk, semi standing seated position.

Impress me with a few layouts. After confirmation of the layout, we work on the 3D image.

Size of the premise, and the size of my treatment room, please see attached photo.

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