Complete iPhone app. Honest Experienced Competent – Unlike Incompetent Liar Rajan T.

I have a partially completed Email app that more or less works but requires completion.

The project was started by Rajan T. rajanthakor08 who claim to have a Team of developers. It turned out they are Incompetent and very Inexperienced and they have taken month to not deliver an app. Therefore I am looking for an Honest and very capable developer to complete the project.

The design / storyboard is complete

It does check mail but there are a few issues.

It also needs an amount of UX and UI completed

Some Settings functionality completed for example "Number of emails to Fetch" that type of thing so the user can configure the app and those values are passed to the main logic.

I can provide a list of items that need to be done.

It is solid work but not complicated work for someone who is Fluent with Swift4 and ObjectiveC

Please only respond if you really have a lot of experience and developed more complex applications.

An do not bid high because you have not seen the project details yet so I will just ignore the bid.

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