Asterisk PBX

Avaya Certified Implementation Specialist (acis) Or Avaya Certified Support Specialist (acss)
We are looking for an Avaya Certified Implementation Specialist (ACIS) or Avaya Certified Support Specialist (ACSS) to configure & upgrade an Avaya Session Border Controller Enterprise (ASBCE) for Avaya Equinox OTT Service Provider solution 9.1.11. Inc. SSL certificate installation, reverse proxy configuration and call flow rules for WebRTC client, SIP audio trunks and SIP Video endpoints. The ASBCE is deployed on version 7.2.2 and will need to be upgraded to latest version 8.1.2. Remote access is available via VPN.
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Huawei Smartax Ma5620 Pri Setup Up
Set up Huawei Smartax ma5620 pri. Requires manual documentation and diagrams. Using asterisk. Need instructions on the cable connection.
Full Description of Huawei smartax ma5620 pri setup up
Unimrcp Project -- 3
We are planning to build a Automated IVR system, we would like to integrate the below systems 1- Implement Media Server using UniMRCP 2- Integrate / Enable ASR (Google Speech ) with UniMRCP 3- Integrate UniMRCP with our Conversational AI Platform 4- Integrate Asterisk / UCCE(Unified Cisco Communication Enterprise) for a end to end voice journey
Full Description of UniMRCP Project -- 3
Multithreaded Wrapper For Asterisk Manager, Proof Of Concept
I need to build a proof of concept python multithreaded application that will connect to one or multiple Asterisk servers using AMI protocol (preferably using a library) and trigger a callback function when receiving events. At the same time, one or multiple clients can connect to this python application using a predefined port (like 5039) and using the AMI protocol receive the events from the asterisk servers and send commands to one or multiple clients. Each connection to the Asterisk…
Full Description of Multithreaded wrapper for Asterisk Manager, proof of concept
Voip Calling App - Android
VOIP calling app which can make calls like app to app & app to mobile phones/landlines
Full Description of Voip Calling App - Android
Pbx Pdd Post Dial Delay Issue Asterisk Fusionpbx - Need Fix Asap
Hi guys, we run fusionPBX on AWS with an end user via grandstream ht801 ATA. She is US based and complaining about excessive Post Dial Delay (PDD) - meaning she dials the number she wants to connect to...then hears silence for 4, 5, 7, sometimes 10 seconds, then hears the ringback tone begin. We use BulkVS as our main provider for outgoing, however also use Alcazar and can switch to others. I have a VoIP phone on my desk connected…
Full Description of PBX PDD Post dial Delay issue Asterisk FusionPBX…
Sip Media Problem [asterisk]
Hello! I have installed a Cloud FreePBX server [Fully configured] SIP with TLS But the user's location is in a country that has SIP Traffic restrictions (Blockage) Everything is working and the calls go through 2 SIP Extensions but there is something wrong with the voice! The voice is like shaking! Note 1: If I use a VPN to avoid the SIP traffic restrictions, the voice is so clear and there is no such problem in the call I think…
Full Description of SIP media problem [Asterisk]
Smscaster Keygen
I want the smscaster keygen, does someone has it??
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Ura Reversa Com Asterisk, Com Consulta A Banco De Dados Mysql/mariadb E Integração Com Sistema Web.
PROJETO LIBERAÇÃO DE EXAMES. Desenvolver um programa que seja capaz de entrar no sistema web, abrir um cadastro de um cliente e verificar o status do exame do cliente. O programa deve ter uma interface web simples com login de acesso, com as opções de cadastro de código de clientes e cadastro de código de exames e opção de agendamento da liberação com os campos dia data e hora mais as opções de editar e excluir o cadastro. Essa parte…
Full Description of Ura reversa com asterisk, com consulta a banco…
Goip Gsm Gateway Configuration With Sip And Pbx
I need to have e GoIP GSM Gateway configured to work with SIP so that I can call through a SIP softapp routing the calls through the SIM card in the GSM gateway. This is for personal use, not a business so not sure if a PBX is required.
Full Description of GoIP GSM Gateway configuration with SIP and PBX
Build Simple Mobile App For Android
One mobile app to record voice in wav format and send it to remote server. Shall be able to configure voice sample rate 8khz, mono or stero and ruration of sample in seconds starting from 1 second. Shall be able to configure IP , port, loging, password of remote SFTP server.
Full Description of Build simple mobile app for android
Looking For Astpp Freeswitch Script Programmer
Hello I am looking for someone who knows the programming of astpp freeswitch scripts. There is PHP script , lua script and XML script. Looking for someone who has already worked before with those files. I am not looking for web interface programmer. Looking for the freeswitch part programming
Full Description of Looking for astpp freeswitch script programmer
Freepbx Follow Me Issue
Dear all, I am seeking someone who is an expert in FreePBX and CISCO routers as its used as FXO I have managed to configure both and all is good except for the follow me , keep getting issues
Full Description of FreePBX Follow Me issue
Freepbx Follow Me Issue -- 2
Dear all, I am seeking someone who is an expert in FreePBX and CISCO routers as its used as FXO I have managed to configure both and all is good except for the follow me , keep getting issues
Full Description of FreePBX Follow Me issue -- 2
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