Stickman 3d
Build me 3d stickman characters, I will animate them using Motion Capture.
Full Description of Stickman 3D
3d Model Of A Destroyed Couch
I need a 3D model of a destroyed couch similar to attached image. I just need a 3D model I don't need UV maps. I don't need materials/textures.
Full Description of 3D model of a destroyed couch
Need A Recreation Of The 3d Horror Environment Showcased In A Video Game Cinematic Trailer
Hi, I need a freelancer to recreate the 3D environment shown in this trailer for the video game, Outlast The video is 4 minutes long, but the environment that I need recreated starts at “0:54” all the way to the end. Some of the textures I already have, but others I do not, however, I will provide you alternatives for it unless you can recreate it.
Full Description of Need a Recreation of the 3D Horror Environment…
3d Model Of Old Destroyed Couch
Hi! I need a 3D model similar to the couch on this picture: I only need the 3D model, game-oriented (limited number of triangles please). No need for UV map No need for material
Full Description of 3D model of old destroyed couch
Unity 3d Scene And Asset Creation
Design a unity scene as described in the video link .
Full Description of Unity 3d Scene and Asset Creation
3d Animations, Models, Vfx & Rendering
Looking for talented 3D model artists and VFX specialists to work with for the long term. Need more than 5 min animations a week. If you have any of the following skills, please submit a proposal. Thank you! - Experienced in Rendering -Experienced in 3D modelling -Experienced in 3D rigging & animation -Experienced in VFX -Use Unreal Engine -Use Blender -Good with character models -Good with environment designs -Good with both cartoon and anime styles -Quick delivery and fast communication…
Full Description of 3D Animations, Models, VFX & Rendering
Set Up Methodology For 3d Scan Analysis In Free Software Such As Blender Or Cloudcompare
Someone to set up a methodology and lay out the steps needed to perform geometric analysis on 3D scan mesh files. The scans come from a new (baseline) part and used parts. They're all the same geometry and I'm interested in calculating the volume lost between them. I'm looking for this to be able to get accomplished with free software like CloudCompare or Blender. The deliverable should be a document that summarizes the steps required to achieve this and make…
Full Description of Set up methodology for 3D scan analysis in…
Create Simple 3d Models For E-commerce Products
We have a requirement to create light weight 3d models using blender. Total 3 models will be needed one for each the e-Commerce product Soda can, Pillow and T-shirt. At the end of completion we expect 3d model and blend file also for each product. If you are interested or more details are needed then please connect with us at freelancer chat.
Full Description of Create simple 3D models for E-Commerce products
Intro And Subscribe Animation For Tech Channel
I need a high quality Intro and Subscribe Animation made in blenders or AE,if you are fresher or have no experience in this field do not apply
Full Description of Intro and Subscribe Animation For Tech Channel
Mesh Vertex Reduction
hey can anyone help me lower the vertex on this belt its currently at 150k i need it dropped to 65k without the details being messed up
Full Description of Mesh Vertex Reduction
Create A Good Normal Map For 3d Model
I have a simple 3D model of a Hoodie and I need someone to create me a normal map to add details/clothing seams/texture. You have artistic freedom for the details/style you want to create but I'm looking for a REALISTIC look.
Full Description of Create a good normal map for 3D model
Mesh Vertex Issue -- 2
I need someone who is experienced in blender to my mesh vertex from 150k to 64k without messing up the quality of the mesh too much
Full Description of Mesh Vertex Issue -- 2
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