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Qoura Ads Expert
greeting I'm facing an issue with quora ads, every time i create an ad my account got suspended and of course the ad doesn't get approved i need someone who has experience with quora ads so he can help solve this issue and get my ad approved i reviewed the guidelines more that once and also the same issue thanks
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Manutenção De Campanha Google Ads
TEnho uma campanha do Google Ads que está REPROVADA, está campanha funciona desde o ano passado, porém a dois meses após um vírus em meu servidor ela parou de funcionar, o servidor foi alterado e o site já foi limpo, apenas a campanha continua parada. Preciso retomar o funcionamento desta campanha o quanto antes. São 7 anúncios todos com o mesmo problema.
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I Need A Socail Media Manager
I have a project for selling hot tiktok products and hot sale electronic products. I`m in charging all the process. I used to work in alibaba, I come from China. I know all supply chain from factory to logistics. I need a socail media manager to join with me to grow up together with this project.
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Mentor Experto Para Google Adwords Nos Ayude A Eficientar Campañas
Tengo 2 campañas en una de shoping y la otra eGoogle adwords para una tienda en linea de productos para niños, el objetivo es contra con un Mentor incrementar el ROAS de las mismas, estas campañas ya se han lanzando con relativo exito, pero requerimos de un experto(a), preferentemente radicado en México, que nos pueda couchear para mejorar el rendimiento de las mismas revisandola y sugiriendo cambios, estrategias y mejoras antes y durante la campaña, estas campañas están pensadas también…
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Google Merchant Product Approval Cannabis
I just set up google merchant and adwards. I need someone to get my products approved and ads running in google shopping.
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Manage Google Ads
Are you able to increase E-commerce store sales using google ads? If so, then this is the gig for you. We are looking for someone and/or multiple people who can setup and run a google ads account for our e-commerce business. We currently have 2-3 winning products we are looking to have advertised through google ads, and are looking to onboard someone for a short-term gig and if it works out negotiate a long term arrangement. Looking to create and…
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Install Wp Button Click Event For Google Analytics / Google Ads / Tag Manager
Hello! I have a WordPress page created with Elementor. On my WP page, there are buttons that say "Click to download". A click on these buttons will download the trial of my software. I have Google ads running. I would like to make it so that I can see how many ad clicks resulted in clicks on the download button. I am using Tag Manager, but I have not set up this website in it yet, so you have to…
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Solving Integration Glitch Between Woocommerce, Facebook And Google Ads -- 3
For every single purchase in our website, it shows 2-3 purchases in facebook & google ads. We have contacted more than couple of people and so far no goodies. Please contact only if you have expertise in this regard. Bonus: You will be eligible for our next project, which is long term contract of google ads.
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Beyond The Diagnosis With Dr Kylie Podcast
I’m a functional medicine doctor who helps turn normal labs into answers, healing, and hope. I have a completely virtual practice - I was using zoom before it was cool to use zoom. About a year ago, I started a podcast called Beyond the Diagnosis with Dr Kylie. Without much effort besides producing content, it’s excelled and I’d like to start using ads to blow it up even more! But I have no clue where to start. I’ve only ran…
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