Smart Contracts

Create A New Crptocurrency Coin On Its On Blockchain
We want to create our own coin and blockchain as a means of rewarding our customers initialing before opening it up to the market for buying. please we need only experts in this field as we will require lots of guidance in terms of connecting to our existing platform via an API, ability to do an ICO in future, creating a white paper, burn rate, liquidity, compound financing, etc. Only apply if you have reviews in this field.
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Need A Webpage To Claim Token Airdrop
Hi, We are launching a new crypto token and need a webpage with functionality of claiming airdrop and buying token. You need to deploy BSC smart contracts. Please send your bid or contact us for more details.
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Create A Bsc Smart Contract
Hi , looking for a blockchain to develop with some experience to create a custom BSC smart contract
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Create A Smart Contract That Works With Uniswap To Buy A Set Amount Of Tokens Multiple Times In 1 Transaction
You must provide a working contract on ropsten network I will give you contracts to test with on ropsten The contract needs to be able to buy as many times as I tell it to in 1 transaction, + also have the option to buy multiple times + send the buys to different addresses I want to be able to submit the number of tokens I want to buy (in uint 256 format) + amount of times I would like…
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Bitatomic Games
BitAtomic Games is a small startup that needs a minimum viable product. The first game to launch is going to be Texas Hold'em. The business plan is to spend Bitcoin for my galaxy coin, win bets and galaxy coin, and then exchange the galaxy coin winnings for Bitcoin. So I need to create Galaxy coin, be able to exchange galaxy coin back to bitcoin and collect a small transaction fee. The rest is out of this scope.
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Solidity Developer
Looking for solidity developer to work on DiFi project, interested person must have strong knowledge in DiFi ecosystem.
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Blockchain Technology -- 2
It's like a social application where we can create accounts and then groups. We can add some budget in our digital wallet of the application and then we can : as example : donate to others who need help or financial assistance. In addition I want to incorporate bonuses with DIFI options to enhance budgets. References: keywords ujamaa cooperative economics friends and family cooperative economics Micro savings and loans Defi perks similar to combineding features together…
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We Are Looking For A Professional Blockchain Developer To Develop A Token For Us
We're looking to develop a new token with the following requirements. This is a complicated and difficult requirement, so please only apply if you're 1000% confident of delivering. 6% redistributed to holder wallets in BNB automatically every hour 1% Charity in BNB automatically every hour 1% Redistribution of tokens 3% lifetime marketing in BNB automatically every hour 3% additional tax on selling* (1% to burn , 1% to LP, 1% to marketing in BNB) 4% liquidity
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I Want To Create A Smart Contract In Bsc Mainnet
I plan to make a contract where the liquidity falls to an LP where I can have control of it (each person who interacts with it, the money will be sent to me)
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Build Me Ethereum Dapp
Looking for an expert in DApp and javascript using ethereum You do not need to program a DApp from scratch, in fact, you can just adapt existing code(will be provided). You must add five (5) major modifications to make the app more useful
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Uniswap Like Site
Looking for devloper who can make a similars site like uniswap with bsc and matic It means it will support swap for erc20, bsc, and matic
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I Need To Create Bep 20 Token Smart Contract
Need to build my blockchain DEFI, DEX swap website by forking julswap. This is the first step of the project and i need to create my own token first.
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Solidity Developer For Binance Smart Chain
I am in need of a solidity developer to create a token for me on the finance smart chain but I will also need assistance after possibly. Please only apply if you can keep in contact with me on time, I don't want to be waiting around. NDA will be needed to sign
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Bsc/eth Yield Farming Expert Required
Need someone to immediately address solidity smart contracts including strategy, farms, vaults, pools, rewards and proxy, contracts. Expert needed can not hire entry level. Let me know what you have worked on. Back-end Work, Yield Farming/Stacking Experience required.
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