EDX Developer

₹ 37,500.00 — 75,000.00 INR
I need an EDX Developer who can work on the EDX Platform and customise the features needed

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Cvat Does Not Work
I need help to install CVAT on my server https://github.com/openvinotoolkit/cvat I fixed it this way trying to make it work https://github.com/openvinotoolkit/cvat/issues/1011 Ports are allocated. But the page does not show. Managed to solve the ports were already allocated. Stuck! Help!
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Zamaso Inc
I need scripts from textnow or any wesbsite of sending free sms With this script i need to send bulk sms
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I Want To Build A Tool Using Hap.py Benchmarking (nist) To Validate Any Vcf File By Running The File
The inputs to hap.py are two VCF files (a "truth" and a "query" file), the truth file is found here https://www.nature.com/articles/sdata201625/tables/3 which includes extensive genome sequencing for 1 person. So we can validate any VCF file by comparing our VCF with the truth VCF and the outcome will include a table with TP FP TN FN and precision with the sensitivity you can read more about it on this page: https://github.com/RealTimeGenomics/rtg-tools https://github.com/Illumina/hap.py/blob/master/doc/happy.md#working-with-genome-vcfs
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Nft Marketplace, Own Blockchain, Governance Token + Mobile App
Hello, I'm looking for a team to help with coding my business into blockchain (fork of BSC or ETH). It's going to be linking a website to an NFT marketplace along with a governance token and mobile app together with interactive features that connect with the marketplace/blockchain. NFT Marketplace like RARIBLE, OpenSea, etc. I have a budget of $2500 USD right now. Let me know if we can work and how long it will take you
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Api & Web App For Interactive Brokers
I need an API & web app for Interactive brokers that will buy and sale stocks based on settable criteria in the API. The trades will be based on stock information received from a 3rd party data scraping service. The API must be able to trade three separate types of signals. See attached notes and UI layout for details of the project.
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Software Centro Fitness
Desarrollador de software para centro fitness, registro de clientes, contratos automatizados, check in, reservas de clases, programación de eventos, etc
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Secure Link Topology Architecture For Software Defined Networking (sdn)
I'm a researcher in Computer Networks, whose areas of interest in Software Defined Networks. 1.The project is to re-implement the attached file on SLDP: A secure and lightweight link discovery protocol in software defined networking and get the actual results with the use of Mininet emulator and Ryu controller. Also identify the weaknesses of the work 2. After the re-implementation, the weaknesses are to be strengthen 3. propose a secure and distributed link discovery protocol for software defined networking 4.…
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Build An Sram Memory Compiler Based On "openram" Project.
A configurable SRAM compiler written in Python to tile the bit cells and address decoder blocks, extract the Verilog and parasitic RC models, and generate the GDS2 block database. The project should leverage the "openRAM" open source code as much as possible to achieve the above objectives.
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Online Tutoring Platform
Hi, I work with a big E-learning company and I am looking to hire a team that can create an online tutoring platform that automatically matches tutor with the client. REQUIREMENTS - PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND IF YOU DO NOT MEET THE FOLLOWING: I will hire USA or native English only. Team must be professional and HAVE EXPERIENCE ALREADY CREATING A SIMILAR SYSTEM IN THE PAST My goal is to do this as fast as possible and correctly. I do…
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Create A Script To Collect Information -- 2
I would like to create a script to automate some repettive task on Excel and to collect some info on Google and a Website
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Build Websocket User Interface For Remote Voicetracking
I need a webpage driven by websocket communication from VB6 and page via javascript. It will list a playlist of music tracks, and allow user to record a voice track and insert and preview the result. It will also upload back to vb6 server the voicetrack and changes to playlist. I will be working directing using simple json and blob communication from vb6 app. See attached spec for more details.
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Personal Financial Planning Tools -- 2
I have a website on optimizepress 3 theme. There are 2 pages - retirement planner and goal planner which i want you to develop for me. Providing the exact requirement document, 1 sample basic - html, JavaScript code to start with. This should work seamlessly on desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile, etc on any device. So responsive design and cross browser compatible. Earlier these 2 pages were developed on OP2 and now it is not working on OP3 theme. Whatever is…
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Create A Vuejs App That Pushes Signature To Outlook Web
Hi! I need to replicate this functionality in a simple app. 1- Loggin to the microsoft exchange acount and list the users 2- Push signatures to outlook web with a button to all accounts (signature content can be only the name) I made 2 videos, 1 describing how a competitor uses it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Snw1wdOwKYo And the other what i spect from the simple app https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1IhtD22gHg
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Rebuild Our Custom Website
1.Make our new frontend responsive (stocking) - so that it changes shape with any shaped screen including mobiles. 2.Have a new filter system that allows customer to narrow down their search of what they want. With the ability to add extra pages at anytime that can look like another company with a custom header banner and colour changes. 3.Have SEO, heat mapping and other important features build in. 4.Have it communicate fully both ways with Zero accounting software. 5.An easier…
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