Logo Design – Paw Print + Cannabis Leaf

Hi attached you will find my original design of a paw print with a marijuana leaf inside of it (titled: original design). It will be part of a logo. I would like my illustration to be stylized more. I'd like it to look more sophisticated and I would also like to see if you can make it so that the entire paw print is a marijuana leaf. So merge the two concepts together even more than just a leaf inside of a paw print- make them "one." We're looking for something sophisticated- not cute or cartoon like. It is for a CBD dog product. If you'd LIKE you can incorporate the words CBD but the logo has more text to it as well that we don't want to disclose so it's not necessary to include the word CBD. If you have a great idea that incorporates it then go ahead and suggest it, otherwise just the illustration is what we're looking for. You'll also find inspiration of the sort of thing we're looking for attached.

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