Overwatch Private Memory bot Melon

C++ Programming

The aimbot needs to have the following ;


Skeleton : shows the skeleton line of the enemy

Wall check : shows by color if the enemy is out of sight or not


Basic aimbot: tracking, flick – hitscan aimbot

Prediction: predicts projectiles such as hanzo zenyatta orisa pharah genji etc

Fov : chooses the range of aimbot search

Smoothing : humanized < – > rage

Example if 0 is human(no aimbot) and 0.5 is little suppory by aimbot then 1 is rage mod.

Y axis static : chooses to free y axis or make it static ( if you free y axis the aimbot only corrects your aim by x axis)

Option ( if you want to add it you can add it but i dont care much) : custom RGB esp

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