Redesign My Home Page

Re-Design the home page of This is an affiliate website for wordpress plugins and themes. To win this contest, you should submit a design (psd and png) which resembles a, product catalog, affiliate website, or popular theme directory. We need both the desktop and mobile design

Products are listed but never purchased on this website. Product owners can pay per category to have their product listed. Products listed on the website can be free

– Use all existing home page information
– Showcase missing information that should be on a home page e.g. latest articles/themes/etc
– If a slider is being used, then it should be the existing slider layout
– Showcase Featured Themes and Plugins
– Bootstrap 4 compatible design
– All search, category, listing, and slider features should have a design element that's related like a border or button that's the same color.
– You can change the website to full width if you think it works better
– Change any image, use placeholders if necessary

The website runs on a theme we sell. The winner will have their design featured on this website and distributed to customers who purchase this design. This is a great opportunity to have a portfolio piece that you can link to for years to come.

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