Write Me A TED Talk

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Task Description: You've been asked to give a talk in leadership at a student conference.
Your talk should explore the implications for leadership of one of the statements listed below.
For this assessment, we would like you to submit the script of the talk you would deliver. Your talk should include at least two specific examples of leadership to support your argument.
You can use examples from the unit or from your own wider reading (or a combination of both).
Your talk should be a maximum of 1,200 words and written as if to be read aloud.
It should be understandable by anyone, regardless of disciplinary background, and should be fully referenced, using a recognized referencing system.

1."That judicious combination of manager, commander and leader is never simple, but it is necessary." (Grint, 2020)
2.“…for leadership to function well, leaders and followers must be bound by a shared identity and by the quest to use that identity as a blueprint for action.” (Reicher et al, 2007)
3."...the conventional understanding we have of leadership today is profoundly limited, limiting and problematic." (Wilson, 2016, p2)

Written Assessment Task 2: Hints and Tips

The Guidance on Written Assessments section, accessible from the left-hand menu, takes you through the process of writing written assessments, including advice on how to structure your argument and how to support it with evidence.

WA2 asks you to write the script of a talk.
For examples of the style you might adopt for your talk, please refer to the TedTalks or RSA presentations used in the modules or available on their websites.
However, please note that the transcripts of these talks are normally longer than 1200 words, so your talk will be shorter.

- What do we mean by 'specific examples of leadership' in the task description?
This means we would like you to include actual, real-world examples of leadership to illustrate and/or support your argument.

- General suggestions for how to structure your talk:
Use the introduction to make clear which of the three statements you are discussing, and why it is an interesting starting point for thinking about leadership.
Draw on relevant models and theories from the unit or your own wider reading to support your argument.

Use the body of your talk to explore and exemplify the implications of your chosen statement, using your two examples of leaders/ leadership as examples to support or illustrate your argument, e.g. by explaining how they illustrate or challenge a particular perspective on leadership linked to your chosen statement.
Make connections to the models and theories mentioned in your introduction.

Use your conclusions to bring all of the threads of your talk together.
Make clear to your audience what the evidence you have presented suggests about how your audience should interpret your chosen statement, and what that interpretation tells us about leadership.

Bibliography for the statements:

Grint K. (2020) Leadership, management and command in the time of the Coronavirus.
Leadership. 2020;16(3):314-319.
Available at https://doi.org/10.1177/1742715020922445

Reicher, S.
D., Platow, M.
J. & Haslam, A. (2007) The new psychology of leadership.
Scientific American Mind18, 4, 22-29 (August 2007). doi:10.1038/scientificamericanmind0807-22 Available at: https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/the-new-psychology-of-leadership-2007-08/

Wilson, S. (2016) Wilson, S. (2016) Thinking Differently about Leadership: A Critical History of Leadership Studies.
New Horizons in Leadership Studies series. ISBN: 978 1 78811 680 0 Extent: 288 pp https://www.librarysearch.manchester.ac.uk/permalink/44MAN_INST/m8kpo/alma992983401726301631

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