Security Platform Cloud

I am looking for a skilled expert to develop an auto scalable platform on high available cluster of reverse proxies, filtering traffic to the origin server for live protection. This will feature a user portal to provision the infrastructure and admin user account where the user can onboard there domain and origin of the website to protect and integration with CDNs. From the user portal dashboard the users can see live overview of traffic and see live protection of the site, block bad requests controlled on a domain and path basis via simple access-control-list.


– Multiple NodeJS backends (Typescript)

– Angular 1 Web Components, some React (Typescript)

– Multi-cloud, deploying to both AWS and Google Cloud with Kubernetes.

– Redis, Elasticsearch, Pub/Sub, and other data stores

– Configuration management (e.g. Puppet, Ansible, Chef, cfengine etc.)

– nginx / varnish / haproxy / apache etc.

– Monitoring systems (e.g. Prometheus / Nagios)

– CI + CD driven development.

– Programming in a high level language (e.g. javascript, ruby, python, perl etc)

Ongoing opportunities:

– Performing analysis on HTTP traffic logs and correlate with web browser environments to identify current and emerging threat landscapes

– Reversing automation toolkits to develop robust detections

– Development of proactive detection and profiling scripts to mitigate threats from bots/automation

– Proactively identifying product improvements and contributions to detection/mitigation R&D

– Reports

Please message for further details for link of a solution to review. This project will be managed by milestones and require an initial concept design then detailed solution design.

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