Animator For Small Company Intro

This is for a special effects makeup artist and her social media. This would be a small, 4-10 second intro that plays near the beginning of any content posted.

The specific design of the intro is a portrait of a 2-D cartoon avatar that looks like the makeup artist, and after a few seconds the screen would appear to glitch out and the avatar would change into a horror movie makeup version of her, with blood and gore.

Not looking for anything too detailed, just a cartoon style similar to the one shown. It is important that the blood and gore don't look too cartoon-ish to the point of looking cheesy, but they don't need to look realistic either.

2d animator needed

my client is looking for 2d animators for his studio, this could be long term project if quality of product is good.

i may hire more than one animator.

include your links to demo reel or portfolio, work will be given based on this

also tell me your average price for 1 min of 2d animation, also explainer video price i need to know both price range.

plse type @star in your bid

thanks happy bidding

Animated still images using some after effects with an audio already done

I wrote and published a children's book. Now I want to convert it to an animation still image book,i have the audio already but I want to show you samples of what I am looking for. I intend to present this in a classroom so the quality must be very good,I also want to be able to communicate with whomever on the phone. I like the colorful drawing of this book so I want something like this check youtube. [login to view URL]

To save cost I don't need so many images in the background. Please read the story, it gives you an idea of what it would cost and time so please read before you bid. $250

I am looking for custom 2d animation explainer videos.

Hello, I purchase custom 2d animation explainer videos for mobile applications, websites and for product on a regular basis. I am looking for custom 2d animation explainer videos. I will give you a Voice-over and script for every video. My budget is fixed and that is $30 per minute

Need a 20-30 second animation

The animation required is to demonstrate a phone service so no VO or people or characters needed, just a nice elegant modern animation of a Phone performing the required functions.

The brief description of the general animation is:
1- a mobile phone pops up with a numpad
2- the following code is entered in the phone numpad "*8008#"
3- a menu pops up which shows some options that I will describe later
4- based on those options a message is received in the smartphone

The budget is small but so are the requirements.