3d Isometric Explainer Video for E-commerce Products


My company Rod armour sell a range of fishing accessories and fishing rod covers. What we want to do is create 10 15 second explainer videos about our various products. I have the content and storyboards done. I am after a high-quality competent isometric designer.

There will be a few elements to create

1. Fishing rod cover (different colours/ same shape) [login to view URL]

2. Fishing Lure cover [login to view URL]

3. Fishing Rod Wrap [login to view URL]

4. Fishing Rod Hook keeper [login to view URL]

5. Graphite particles inside the fishing rod

6. Car / Boat / Ocean graghics

7. CrocClip to attach to rods [login to view URL]

These elements will then be combined together to produce videos over simple backgrounds like the beach, river or lake.

If work is done to a high standard there will be a lot more work to result from this from us.

[login to view URL]

Please attach a copy to your portfolio for me to review.

3D modeling characters for Arkit and Unreal project

We are planning to perform a play on stage with an actor and a screen next to him. An iphoneX will pick up the actors movements and the character that appears on the screen will make the same movements.

We need several 3D faces (models) created so that Blendshapes can be made and then the character can be rigged. We will provide the look of each character.

We also need some characters created in 2D to work with the same animation technology.

Create an 3d animation for an air filter(I need only European and american. Then don't access Asian or African)

We're looking for someone to help create an air filter animation for a project. Attached is an exploded image of the air filter. I can provide STL or any file that is exportable from solidworks to aid in the modeling.

-You'll be required to add the texture and surface finishes for all the air filter components.

-The animation will need to show the full product and the exploded version with the individual components.

-You'll be required to show dirty air flowing through the filter, dust particles being trapped in the filter, and clean air exiting the vents.

-Animation should be around 20 seconds

I've attached a few samples and a link to a youtube video of our idea of a great filtration animation. Before submitting an offer to this project, please watch the gif/video below to get an idea of what we're looking for. The perfect candidate would be one that is able to create realistic animations and high quality smoke filtration. Being able to render high quality smoke particles and dust animation is a must.

Please reply and let me know that you've watched the video as the first line in your proposal.

[login to view URL]

Cinema 4d animated character.(I need only European and American)

We are looking for the following.

3d female character design and rigging as per 2d and 3d ref.

Same timings and scenes as 2d reference (no need for backdrops)

Multiple aufits as per 2d reference.

We need original animated cinema 4d files with materials ready to be rendered.