I need a shed drawn up in autocad inventor or solid works. 100 x 50 x 3 for the main beams and 50 x 40 x 3 for the smaller beams with some 25 x 25 x 3 angle for the diagonals

I need a 3D model of my shed drawn in autocad inventor or solidworks

Character design

Basically I need character design.

1 body 3 heads. In which body may remain same but hair and skin colour of head may change. This is a long terms project.

Right now budget is lil low. But as it is on going project for next character I will double the amount.

Timeline: 1 days ( work is not tough you just need to make 1 body and one head and need to change colour or skin tone(both head and body) and hair of head.

Also, you will have to sign NDA.

Thanks You.

Clinic floor plan layout + 3D image

I am moving to a new office premise. I will be renting 2 offices, the walls in between will be removed. I want to know if the size will be enough for my preference. There are two door options, please see attached.

Area preference:
-4 treatment rooms, more premise 3.5 treatment rooms.
-Reception (2 – 3 nurse, entry/exit on either end of the reception table for convenience). Reception desk able to have 2 IMAC, 1 laser printer, 1 ink jet printer, file cabinet.
-Presentation area (weekly health talk with maximum of 8 participants, can use the waiting area)
-Storage area (next to the reception)
-Waiting area
-Self serve area (Nepresso machine with water dispenser for patients)

Design preference:
-wooden floor
-white walls to attract outside lighting
-LED overhead lights
-high reception desk, semi standing seated position.

Impress me with a few layouts. After confirmation of the layout, we work on the 3D image.

Size of the premise, and the size of my treatment room, please see attached photo.

Compliant mechanism. Hinge design.

I am looking for a (compliant mechanism) alternative for my current spring retent hinge design.

Looking for a lower cost to produce, and i believe a CM hinge could possibly work, and have fewer ops(mfg operations). Is it possible to have an alternative to my current design that is simpler to produce, and can withstand the same operating conditions. Hot and cold cycles. Exposure to elements. Weldable. Ready for lase. Few Ops. Are you good at making something simpler to produce and still nice looking. I don't know if a compliant mechanism can work for this so other idea's are welcome, but that is the primary focus. I do not know how to calculate for a CM at all. Heat ranges up to 700f range. Prelims? Can you sketch your idea and know the calcs if i give you the figures? Have you made compliant mechanisms before? Please show a sample.

Sample files are current hinge design. Pin and torsion spring not shown. Render of hinge exploded view next to mounting surface.