Research Methodology/Questionnaire Formulation Project

This project involves framing Methodology/Questionnaire for a Management related Topic. Work includes covering 7000 words. All relevant details and directions would be provided. Please bid only if you ave got extensive experience with related works. We are looking forward to close this project immediately so come up with realistic bids only.

Writing proposal for Arabic Question Answering system over linked data

I need to write a proposal for applying Arabic question answering system to real-world example of the Arabic DBpedia , I have template for the required to prepare ( Introduction, background, literature review, methodology, contributions and conclusions)

Vaccination Systems (Public Health)

(Since health and development work together). 

Compare and contrast vaccination systems in two developing countries and one more economically developed country (MEDC). Address how the developing countries can improve their systems, including current systems, weak components in the current system, and elements that can be improved, as seen in MEDC successes.