Clean-up the video file

My friend has done an interview online, which is posted on YouTube. However, the video of herself (i.e. her face) is very unkind. Her skin complexion is not smooth, vibrant, and youthful.

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We would like this video changed digitally so that her face is natural looking and without redness or other visible imperfections.

Please submit your digital file by posting it on youtube. I will award the best submission and ask for the file to be transferred via Google Drive.

Thank you for helping my friend and me,

Animator For Small Company Intro

This is for a special effects makeup artist and her social media. This would be a small, 4-10 second intro that plays near the beginning of any content posted.

The specific design of the intro is a portrait of a 2-D cartoon avatar that looks like the makeup artist, and after a few seconds the screen would appear to glitch out and the avatar would change into a horror movie makeup version of her, with blood and gore.

Not looking for anything too detailed, just a cartoon style similar to the one shown. It is important that the blood and gore don't look too cartoon-ish to the point of looking cheesy, but they don't need to look realistic either.

Custom animated intro videos for IGTV and YouTube

Hello, I need a unique video intro using my business logo in both landscape (16:9) and portrait (9:16) formats, also both short and long duration (maybe 5 and 10 seconds). I need a matching cover photo 1:1.55 (or 420px by 654px) with editable subject area. I’m looking for high quality custom video animation with room for edit requests to get it right. These intros will be used for YouTube and IGTV educational videos. Long range shooting and hand loading rifle ammunition is the base of the education. My logo slamming into screen, long range bolt action rifles, brass rifle cases falling to the ground, things of this nature, with tough instrumental music in the background- like Fever Dream by Tyler Bates music. Instagram: @alphaunknownllc

Snapchat Video Ad

I am looking to design a Snapchat video ad – 10 seconds in length.

The ad is to promote a beauty subscription service: [login to view URL]

In the video I would like to see girls in their 20s laughing having fun and then some quick shots of makeup, cosmetics, applying makeup etc.

I want the ad to be high paced, fun, and enticing.

Attached are some inspirational idea of the types of video and images that would be ideal to use.

Please provide an all inclusive quote.

Source AE or Premiere files would be needed at the end.


Need a video intro for my podcast that will look good but will sound good if you were only listening to the audio

I am wanting an awesome video/audio podcast intro and outro with video that looks as good as it sounds.

I will be doing videos on my facebook pages that you can pull from
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