Build a convolution neural network and LDA model — 3

as i doing emotion analysis using cnn ,i give the sample sentence and my code ,you want to calculate how the feature extraction and cnn working ..DONT NEED THEORETICAL EXPLANATION

for LDA i give the sentence and u want to find how probability is calculated and based on that how lda assign topic to document MY BUDGET AND TIME IS LOW

Dont need code

Replace Dynamic Routing algorithm with EM Routing

This project needs complete knowledge on Capsule Network and a prior experience would be helpful.

Attached are the papers for Dynamic Routing as well as EM Routing of Capsules for the Capsule Network.


Need to change the following code:

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It is currently using Dynamic Routing. Need to change a small part of it keeping rest the same to use EM Routing.

Project needs to be completed by 10-April, 2019.

Editing C++ code


I need to someone to fix a code written in C++.

Please make a bid only if you are good at mathematics, graph theory and C++.

I will share the code in private discussion. But I uploded a pdf file to mathematically the change to be .

Do not make copy-paste bids. Instead answer the question "Do you know the problem of graph partitionning ?"

Thnak you