Urgent – Azure Devops and AWS requirement , can complete within 2 days

• Create a story/task on Azure boards. There should two stages for a story, that is development and production. The stories should have details like developer name to which it assigned, code reviewer details, tag (like IT or Business).

• When story moved to development stage, the Azure pipeline should create a github feature branch (with specific naming format) from github master branch and send the email to developer to whom story is assigned with feature branch details.

• Developer will work on his development task and submits the pull request to master branch, in this phase when the pull request is submitted, Azure pipeline should send an email to the reviewer to review the code. When the pull request is approved, code should be merged to master with a version, if pull request is rejected send an email to developer.

• When story is moved to production, the Azure pipeline should fetch code from master branch and perform Maven build on AWS EC2 server and build artifact should be deployed to Azure artifacts.

• The application is selenium based. The final build artifact is jar file.

• We only use Azure DevOps for CI/CD as it is free with Visual studio license and our servers are on AWS.