Front-End Developer to create responsive UI for web application

We’re looking for someone with solid front-end skills (at least 12 months commercial experience with React/Angular and modern styling techniques) to develop a new UI for a responsive single page web application. You will work with a Sydney based development team.

You should have:

Experience in responsive design and developing for multiple devices such as mobile and tablets

A track record of development within a web based tech stack (HTML5, CSS3, REST APIs)

Experience with one or more JavaScript libraries and/or frameworks (Angular.js, React.js)

Experience in the development of cross-browser/cross-platform applications and associated compatibility issues

Adherence to web standards and best practices

Experience with source/version control software such as SVN & Git

The Stack / Requirements:

•JavaScript / ES6+



•Microsoft Azure ASP .Net Core 2.2

MERN based SaaS multi tenant pilot project

MERN based SaaS multi tenant pilot project

I need a fully functional MERN based prototype ( no frills and whistles) hosted on AWS which is based on AWS quick start. Functionality should match exactly as the application which is mentioned in the below quick start. All the node.js and other codes can be reused as it is. documentation : [login to view URL] codebase : – [login to view URL] In the above example — Angular needs to replaced by React , RDS needs to be replaced by MongoDB and Cognito needs to be replaced by Passport . No need of any Container etc.. As long as the code is written nicely and modular with API gateway and Microservices architecture, it is fine. I am not expecting this to be fully automated deployable like the guide. Manual steps to deploy is OK. As long as tenants separation and user authetication and authorization works well, I am good. The application needs to be installed on just single node. Not expecting any load balancing like in example. IDE – Visual Studio Code. Repo – Gitlab/github Once this is working correctly then the second milestone or project based on this will be created.

Build me a Single page REACT or Angular with a Node.JS or Laravel CMS

We would like to build a simple page with a Questionnaire for a Subscription, The FrontEnd must be in REACT or ANGULAR .io. The backend for the CMS would be a Express node.js. Or Laravel for PHP.

Our Preference is a REACT front with EXPRESS node.js CMS.

Project consists of a Front Page, A Quiz page, About us, Contact us, ETC….

The main purpose is to be able to create a Quiz page so the customer will subscribe to a monthly Club.


1- Compatible with Stripe.

2-The page must be SEO friendly and rendering properly.

3-Try to imitate a Quiz page like this one samples:

[login to view URL]

[login to view URL]

[login to view URL]

[login to view URL]

[login to view URL]

This quiz is the most important part of the website.

4- single page CHECKOUT

5- Modern and interactive site

6- Create user account

7- Client able to upload profile picture

8- SocialMedia sharing mandatory

9-Client able to re-take the quiz, update credit card and billing address or cancel subscription, track shipping.

10-Client able to recommend us

11-Client able to send us Feedbacks regarding received products.

12-Clients Portal Page to edit personal information and preferences

13-Customer able to Skip, Cancel or Pause Subscription.

Backend CMS or Dashboard built with Node.js or Laravel PHP:

1- All the basic features of a CMS like:

Admin back Panel, Customer Management, Order Management, Product Management, subscription Management, Reports, Mass Email, Ecommerce features.

2- Migrate current SQL database with all the current clients accounts

3- Integrate Backend with Mass EMailing service like M

Able to import old database file(SQL) with customers to new database.

This is most of the requirements more or less.