Arbitrary waveform generation with STM32

I wanted to create any form of waveform using STMf767zi (see picture ). This waveform consists of 10 pulses. Each pulse has a fixed low interval and variable high interval. This signal can be generated with the help of the Arbitrary waveform using timer and DMA, see the link Capital 5 Arbitrary waveform generation using timer DMAburst feature. Note: The work must be done with Cubemx and HAL Functions.

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Telemetry system using ARDUINO MEGA 2560 and/or Raspberry Pi 3 B+

We need to develop a telemetry system using ARDUINO MEGA 2560 and/or Raspberry Pi 3 B+.

The inputs for the system will be various sensors (digital, analog, hybrid, etc).

The output will be delivered localy (equipmend with screen), maintanance handheld equipmend (customized fabricated monitor with display or smartphone/ipad) and remotely to web page (partial working: [login to view URL]).

Each output module shall be capable of showing selective parameter, in general the local monitor should show the most important parameters, the maintenance handheld much more that will assist in problem solving and repairing, while the web page monitoring shall be capable of creating more complex data (sensors data readings with formula proccessing) and stats monitoring.

Connection to handheld will either cable or wifi, and to webpage by wifi, ethernet or GSM module (if not internet provided)


1) the main blog diagram with all connections

2) a schematic plan with detailed parts and connections in a way that will be easy to fabricate to full project from the scratch

3) the handheld monitor equipment proposal plan

4) the local monitor equipment proposal plan

5) a) the software needed for running the web page with all data that have to be stored and visualized by certain formulas. The visualization should have the ability to the admin user to enter a formula, select which data to use and select how they will appear (gauge, clock, bar, graph, line, etc) and where on the screen.

b) The end user will just log and see what they are allowed by the admin.

c) There is also need for app to run in smart phone for the end user.

BLE Arduino – Android Connector App

This is an Android Mobile App project. We require an Android developer to connect an Arduino based sensor device to a 3rd party application called Google Science Journal. See attached documents for more details: 1) SOW document is the project overview; 2) POC is a proof of concept report explaining how to complete the work; 3) POC Appendix is additional details supporting the POC.

Build a GPS tracking wristband prototype

Gather the necessary components and assembly a working prototype for a GPS/ wristband. The idea is to have the device sending its geographic position to a http server every minute. It should work on 2g networks (mainly because the components are cheaper and this kind of network is still supported on the targeted country), it should also operate on a rechargeable battery (charging via USB). If possible, should be able to configure the sending frequency and target http server by editing a file on a flash memory (maybe using an Arduino-compatible controller). I'd like to discuss on how to make it smaller and lighter as possible, under a reasonable cost. My electronics knowledge is basic, so I expect the freelancer to help on defining the necessary components.