Build a website in ASP.Net with Hosting, Designing, Content Writing

I want to develop one website for my business. I purchased one domain already.

I need responsive website for my business.

I want to hire a person who can do following things.

– Site should be developed in ASP.NET

– Fully Responsive Site

– Able to provide few design options

– Able to write professional level content writing

– Able to have knowledge of SEO.

– Design a site in such a manner that maintenance become easy.

Send your some work/site you have developed.

We have limited budget. The budget range is 3000 to 5000.

Software de Nomina y Recursos Humandos Completo, .NET ASP Web Preferiblemente BD SQL

Se requiere software fuente ya desarrollado para comprar con acceso a la Base de Datos Fuentes y Manuales Tecnicos, el objeto es realizar ajustes y modificaciones al mismo de forma total, preferiblemente software con experiencia en el medio, el presupuesto depende del nivel de desarrollo, solo software con modelo legal colombiano.


Scope: Looking to get an additional hand to support growing code repo

App is fully functional but have a small task to gauge competence before handing over code to developer to work independently; preferably will appreciate provision of references I can look-up on.

Preferably want an independent freelancer.

PS: Looking for an experienced hire!

Convert Angular JS application into Angular 6 application and Use ASP.Net Net Core 2.2 (API)

Simple Angular JS application that makes requests to WordPress API.

Required conversion to Angular 6 application.

Also, add ASP.Net Core 2.2 backend API service endpoints instead of using .PHP

1: Use http client to call ASP.Net Core Web API

2: Asp.Net Core API makes request to wordpress API and returns data

3: Render client the same as the Angular JS application

Simple app will be provided on acceptance