asp File upload via "ASP FileUpload Modul GetFILE"

Hi all, I have to chnage the script to upload JPG files on the server.

Until now, I was using ASPImage. Now I should change into GetFILE

[login to view URL]

Attached: [login to view URL] > with ASP Image.

Tasks: change the [login to view URL] so I can upload JPG files. It would be great if i could just resize the picture, once it's uploaded.

In the file "[login to view URL]" I could save a picture already on the upload path, but the name is crazy and not as it should be.

Expert advice needed to resolve Ubuntu 16.04 deploy issue of ASP.Net Core app

I have two ASP.Net Core 2.1 applications that are supposed to run on the same Ubuntu 16.04 machine. I use Nginx as a reverse proxy in combination with Kestrel (per default).

However, both applications are trying to use port 5000 and I get the error: Unable to start Kestrel.

[login to view URL]: Failed to bind to address [login to view URL]: address already in use.

So the question is, how can we resolve this issue in a robust way?

Find exact gps location of desktop user


I want the experts help to implement the following features in my project.

The code can be in any one of these languages (PHP, ASP.NET and JAVA, JAVA SCRIPT)

Case 1 : Find Browser IP Location.

The desktop users will connect to our web application from their homes. The moment they open our home page, his current location should be displayed on the home page. Please note it should not be the city name. It should be the user location name.

You will get this solution only if you can read the IP address of his home router, not the ISP router address.

Case 2: Convert postal address to gps coordinates.

There will be two sets of data items.

1. User provides his current location postal address.

2. User Location GPS coordinates (Long, Lat).

Expected Functionality here is :

1. User provides the post address and you find his location gps coordinates.

2. Give a provision to the user to open google maps and find his location, based on his confirmation of his location on google maps, the system should automatically fill the fields in the first and second data sets. (address and long,lat values)

Case 3. Show google maps with exact user location.

A separate box with google maps should be shown and based on the latitude and longitude values read from the user database, the exact location should be identified and highlighted.

Case 4.. Road distance calculation between two gps coordinates.

To my knowledge, distance calculation will be done in two ways.

1. Air Distance (Not required)

2. Road Distance (This is required)

Accept input for both "To and From" fields, display its postal/google maps address below and and display the road distance between these two points.

With my limited exposure, I can only think of google maps and google APIs as a solution for the above cases, if you do have any other solution for the same may please share it. I am open to any solution as long as it is economic, less dependency and easy to manage.

I appreciate if you had already done similar things and can share those links along with your proposal.

using regular text input fields in same form with upload function

I am using ASP Classic – have an old file upload (pure asp) software that don't believe company that produced it is still in business – but I want to use the file upload as part of the form with some normal text box input fields. The form has to be enctype="multipart/form-data" for the upload function – so the normal x=[login to view URL]("fieldname") won't work. To pull the file name the retrieve page uses z = [login to view URL]("CouponFile").Name

I need to figure out how to pull the normal text fields using this same form so all the info goes together.