Illustrator needed for Dystopia Book

I'm looking for 3 or 4 illustrations for the inside of my book; only one image would be a full sized page, the rest would be smaller e.g. a pigeon or footsteps (something I can incorporate alongside the text or put in a corner of a page). The style would be darker, sketchier, black and white. The book is a dystopic novel and so the illustrations need to reflect that shadowy, desperate feel.

Design kusudama book cover

I want you to design my book cover.

Title: Kusudama Fragment
Subtitle: Design your own origami ball
Author: Sansanee Termtanasombat
Illustrator: Nontanit Panyarachun

The book is about how to fold origami ball with many fragments.

I attach my book outline and book cover guide line for you.
You can use picture from my website

I think about cover of academic mathematics book, but you can design anything.
Thank you for participate 🙂

Create a small mandala/coloring scheme for business card

Hi! I need a graphic design for the back of my business card. The idea is – a colouring book.

The card should have an outer border cca 3mm thick in the colour of my logo. Logo should be placed in the centre of the card, and be white, with borders 0.5-1 mm thick.

The blank area between logo and the outer border should be designed as a colouring book scheme.

I am a landscape architect so the motives need to be leaves, grass and similar (not too fairy-tale like, though). It can also be a scene from a garden (a bench, tree, canopy…) or even totally abstract forms. I

Need AWESOME graffiti style artwork done that includes items for running, biking and swimming as for a triathlon sport

I am looking for a talented artist to do some graffiti style art work. It should be fun and colorful.

Artwork should consist of items used for a triathlon including any of the following: triathlon bike, water bottle, parts of a bike including tires, gears, pedals, tire pump, swimmer, swimming fins, swim goggle, swim cap, water waves, water buoy, finish line, running shoes, shoe prints, ice cubes, finish line, finish ribbon, medal, wetsuit, triathlon outfit, race bib, sunglasses, bike helmet, compass, symbols for strength and endurance, etc.

I also want an eye with a flame coming from it somewhere in the design. This would show a person being laser-focused and very determined! (Doesn

Artist required for comic book cover

I am looking to have a birthday present made for my girlfriend. Specifically, a comic book front cover that I can frame for her. Artwork would be in a "Tank Girl" style (refer attached image) and would be of two odd superheroines based off her cats

These would be
-Lola Ebola, a costumed crime fighter (specifically wearing a bandit mask similar to Robin)
-Cerebella, an absentminded genius, with a round face, and hair in braids that looks vaguely like a brain.

Happy to discuss my ideas, but I only have a vague outline I'm hoping someone more experienced can helped fill in.