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I work as pa to a UK artist whose Wikipedia page, which she didn’t create has recently been attracting some trolls who keep adding misleading and incorrect information to it, or removing items she has put up. It is becoming an issue as a few of these people seem to have become obsessed with her and we are concerned about this sort of attention.

I would like to know what kind of service you can offer and one option I had in mind if indeed it’s possible is to remove/delete the page completely, it’s not really of any benefit to my client as is just becoming an irritation now.

There are many incorrect factors on the site. Her List of Awards and TV credits, age, (I can send over her passport copy) and family history are all incorrect and need to be changed. I can send over correct details once I have corresponded with you.

i look forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks,


project of contact details collection and building of a database

Project of contact details collection and of the building of a contact database for a skilled contractor with English and/or French and/or German language skills. Project requires self-organisation and accuracy and well as the dedication of at least 20 hour by week of the working time.

need someone who is fearless – ongoing relationship

need someone who is fearless and keen to grab an opportunity that comes once in a life time…..which means if you say yes, I can do it and I will do it, you need to demonstrate it without finding excuses/reasons……type [fearless] on top of your bid and tell me why you are to be considered or taken seriously…..


Our company is a successful group of real estate investors with more than 20 years of experience buying and selling properties in the United States. Although we are located in New Jersey and focus on real estate in the United States, most of our team lives abroad, throughout Central and South America. We are growing in many areas and would love to add more dedicated members and workers to our team.


We are looking for creative and energetic Real Estate Assistants who perform well in a team environment. We are looking for someone with initiative and a strong work ethic. Someone who likes to collaborate, using out-of-the-box strategies, and executing them when making decisions. We are looking for someone energetic, with a positive attitude and who like to be constantly learning; able to work in an accelerated environment and keeping everything organized.

Our ideal candidate should have a minimum knowledge of real estate, however, the experience is not a requirement. You must be able to demonstrate creativity within limitations and have the ability to solve problems.

In addition, a fairly prepared candidate will have extraordinary skills in organizing and managing projects. It requires an advanced level of English both verbal and written, and a fast and stable Internet connection.



We are looking for centres running our DME campaign for back and knee braces,

High payouts for the CPL campaign , Payment weekly basis on time.

We accept Medicare Part B

We provide 70$ for back brace and 30$ for knee brace .

Preferred centres that can generate 50+ weekly leads.

Data and dailer provided / Optional – Script provided

pls feel free to upload your company profile.

System Administrator


Our mission within the field of haematology is to provide much needed surgical products and treatments which are both effective and well tolerated for patients within this specialist field.

Nordic Pharma works with the NHS in areas that are often outside the scope of larger pharmaceutical companies. We bring products to market that meet clear needs, for example, we licensed a novel injectable antibiotic and bought it to microbiologists and their clinical colleagues at a time when microbial resistance was becoming a significant issue. More recently in 2016 Nordic Pharma, working with the Regulatory Authority, licensed a previously withdrawn product for use in cardiac surgery; to meet a real clinical need. This is what makes Nordic Pharma different.


Nordic Pharma takes its interactions with the NHS and Healthcare Professionals seriously and recognises the responsibility that comes with supplying medicines; sometimes in acute situations. We operate to the highest ethical standards and are fully transparent in our dealings with NHS customers and purchasing bodies.