looking for a brand consultant for a designer women's clothing store in hyderabad

We are looking for a brand consultant individual expert or a company , you has experience and knowledge in the field of high end designer women's clothing to advice us on a new project from the inception for a 360degree branding solution.

Help sell memberships

I am starting my new company Universal Pro Football Scouting which will help players and coaches find pro American football jobs In The Us or Europe. My memberships are $29 and month or $99 per year. I have done the same for college sports and I was very successful with that but with somebody help I want to speed up to income of this business. Let me know your thought. If you can make me $100+ a week I will hire you constantly or permanently. I currently have thousands of connections, I contact those connections with constant contact.

I need a Youtube/Twitch gaming channel for a shoutout

I`m an unknown but dedicated Youtuber who creates a new Fortnite stream(around 5 to 7 hours per day) and publishes one other Fortnite older stream or short Victory Royale video per day,almost every day. I do a series called Come&Play with me in which I play with new and older Youtube subscribers and Twitch followers every stream and this is how I gained up to 30 new subs and follows in the last month and this is how my Watch Time increased 999% and my views increased 350% on YTube in the last month and I started getting comments on the live chat and in the comment section of the videos, because of this I feel now is the time to promote myself to get a bigger community on my YTube/Twitch because they don`t put you on the first results on searches to be found by other people unless you have a few more people that watch you constantly.


What I want:

*To get a freelancer that is also a Youtuber and a Fortnite player and has his Youtube channel built around this game with a fairly amount of subscribers,likes on their newest Fortnite videos and comments and views OR a Youtube gaming channel which has lots of new Fortnite videos but not necessarily all of them around Fortnite BUT lots of activity on the newest Fortnite videos on their channel that means comments,likes and views on these videos and new Fortnite videos coming up soon.

-I want a short clip of me playing the game(one of my best moments) at the start of one of your videos for a few seconds and a little shoutout saying: ,,check out this Youtuber,he plays with every subscriber and he makes it a lot of fun,subscribe to him if you like his content" or something around this line,but it has to have the call-to-action at the end of the line.

-Your channel/s have to be in English because mine is too

*It`s a bonus: if you have a Twitch and you play Fortnite and you are a popular streamer with lots of activity on your Fortnite streams and you can show my Twitch a few seconds on your stream too and tell people to go and follow me because I play with everybody and it`s fun or [login to view URL] with a Twitch channel like this too are more likely to be hired for this [login to view URL] will be taken into consideration too.

-I want that freelancer to keep this video on his Youtube and not delete it and also make a highlight of the stream on Twitch if he has a Twitch with that stream with me at least so other people can see it in time and I can [login to view URL] I see you do this then when you will grow more in subs,follows I will CONSIDER hiring you again for this job for more money because I want to repeat this project a few times if it works well until I become a full time Youtuber/Twitch streamer,this is just a test promotion to see if everything is working right with the freelancer and to see if I like the results.


I don`t want somebody that:

-Has a lot of subscribers on his channel but very little activity on their Fortnite videos(so the views of these videos with the likes and comments interest me more than subs)

-Doesn`t want to play Fortnite in the next year and wants to quit or he/she quit already Fortnite.

-No bots for views,fake comments,fake likes and any of that sort,please,I know how to recognize those and Youtube and Twitch does too and you will put me in trouble.


-My Youtube channel is:

[login to view URL]

-Twitch: [login to view URL]

You can take a little clip from this video to put in your video to be a quick job for you: [login to view URL]


Please give me your Youtube and Twitch if you have one so I can check if you might be what I need,thanks!

D1D Artt seeking Internet marketing assistance.

D1D Artt Entertainment LLC, is seeking a reliable and talented candidate to help and Internet marketing. Must be knowledgeable of social media platforms and Google analytics. Must possess the skill of creativity and help contribute helpful ideas to help boost business growth, within the Kansas City Missouri area. Must be knowledgeable of the English language and able to write using proper grammar. To get a sense of the business, please visit our website at

[login to view URL],