RBS Case Study Essay

(3,000 words +/-10%)


Essay Parameters:

– Analysis of the implemented HRM

strategies and assessment of the

effectiveness and efficiency of the

implemented strategies in view of the

influential external and internal issues.

– Critical appraisal of the company’s HRM

best practices that would lead to

employees’ high commitment.

– Evaluation of the implications of

globalisation and international forces on the

practice of HRM in the company.

-Analysis of the challenges associated with

globalisation and international forces that

HRM in the company encounter, and

recommended innovative strategies and

solutions to offset the challenges.

See suggested layout attached!

Discovery Builders Business Writing Coach

We are building employee business manuals for our project engineer position at our general contracting company, Discovery Builders Nevada, located in Summerlin. Our three project engineers are currently developing these manuals. The 3 professionals are native to India, and therefore English is not their first language. They will need IN-PERSON training sessions on how to write in English in a uniform professional manner. We would like to move forward this week!

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Add references in an Essay

I need to write an essay about how a company might or already benefits from using information technologies. I have to speak about 3 of them.

The ones that I chose are AI, knowledge management system and CRM.

I already have half of the essay written, describing how the company benefits from using these technologies but I am required to have lots of references (I will send you the book name and link right away and the chapters).

So basically I need the essay to be improved by adding several references to these books as well as rephrasing or improving the quality of the existing text.

The Essay should be between 3 and 3 and a half pages long and currently it has two.

More details in PM.

Short Term Consultancy service for training on Value Chain and Enterprise Development

Economic Inclusion (EI) unit mandate is to contribute to improved quality of life communities through inclusive economic development. Thus, it focuses on value chain development, strengthening market institutions, improving services and input delivery system along

with a wide range of other interventions. In order to deliver quality implementation AKF (Afg) seeks a consultant/consultancy firm to provide training to 20-25 EI staff on:

o Value Chain Development

o Enterprise Development

The training course is to develop a comprehensive content that combines both theoretical concepts and practical implementation with local examples to ensure that by end of this training, participants will be able to fully understand the value chains and systematic process to work with enterprise and lead firms.

Situational Analysis and Distributional Channel Report

This is a report, for the product called Little Munchkins. It is a organic baby food snack which will be launched in Canada ([login to view URL]), the website is Swedish but will be helpful to gain some understanding about the company and the product. So any research or sources that will be referenced should all be relating to Canada. The report should include the following information

Situational Analysis – Should include the SWOT analysis in point form and not in a table form. As in a section with strengths should contain like 3 or 4 strengths for the company and so on for the rest like weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Distributional Channels: The main information that is required for this section is the retail distribution and the online especially Amazon.ca. The objective of this section is to communicate the challenges involved with placing the product in these channels and how it will be useful if it can be accomplished.

The content that will be written will need to be well organized as well as written in a business professional manner. Most IMPORTANT of all everything needs to be well supported with references (APA style referencing).

I want the final work to be handed in to me in a word format. any additional relevant information can be left in the appendix for me to review it further. thanks

Looking for a B2B writer to craft Linkedin Messages For Clients

Hey everyone, I'm looking to hire a writer for our Linkedin Marketing Agency.

Primary responsibility will be to write messages on behalf of clients to compel prospects to take a meeting / call with them.

We'll provide templates + messaging frameworks but would love if you brought your own innovative ideas too.

This is a creative business development role where you'll read + analyze a prospects profile and create a compelling message based on what you've read.

Ideal candidate will have a decent blend of copywriting, business development and Linkedin experience.

Must be a native English speaker, based in North or South America and have a decent understand of B2B.

This is a remote position. Payment will vary between $15 – $25 / hour as it's hourly + commission.

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