Create a schematic figure based on specific information

I am looking for help to draw a schematic figure of a paper using specific information that will be provided. This work needs applicants with strong background and knowledge of cryptography, computer science and electrical engineering. Also, this has to be delivered within 48 hours. Please contact me for further details.

Assist installing Manjaro-Architect with full disk encryption

I have on USB Flash drive manjaro-architect-18.0.2-stable-x86_64. I have with no problem installed a simple install on my Acer Aspire R15 laptop. However, I am trying to set up like so.

sda1 – (1Gb /boot – unencrypted)

sda2 – (volume group – primary Id=e8 Linux LVM – remaining space)

– manjarocrypt

– cryptvg – root (80G) encrypted /

– cryptvg – swap (20 G) encrypted swap

– cryptvg – srv (250 G) encrypted for /srv

– cryptvg – home (~580.5G ) encrypted for /home

I have set this up in the install, but I can not boot after install. It never asks for encryption password which I set up. Error is perhaps a grub issue, or any number of other issues. Help to diagnose or reinstall from beginning. There is no personal data on drive, it is clean install.

All the above drives including swap (not including boot) are to be encrypted.

I will need assistance walking through this process step by step, while you help me set this up.

I will provide more details when necessary. And I would be happy to begin work asap.

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Script How Mobile phone are attacked by all type of malware

I need someone who can explain me who is attacked our mobile phones from the most easy wsy too the hardest way explaning step by step…

Also and obviusly how to clean it then in a profesional way and recovering again all the data not losed at all but yes the data that you have in the mobile when it was infected.