Transcribe 19 minute recording

Transcribe recording into a Word document.

Interviewer and one main speaker.

Words that cannot be understood should be substituted with the time on the


Include the word "Park" at the END of your message so I know you have read and understood the brief.

Do not submit a "placeholder" bid and try to negotiate afterwards. What you bid is the amount that will be accepted.

Data entry for information technology company contact

I need someone to fill in a spreadsheet with basic information about books based on their title/author. Specifically, cut and paste synopsis from goodreads/wikipedia, # of pages, publican date, goodreads rating, # of reviews on goodreads, any awards, and notable notes (recommendations). It's about 50 books so far.

Entertainer Corrections


I work as pa to a UK artist whose Wikipedia page, which she didn’t create has recently been attracting some trolls who keep adding misleading and incorrect information to it, or removing items she has put up. It is becoming an issue as a few of these people seem to have become obsessed with her and we are concerned about this sort of attention.

I would like to know what kind of service you can offer and one option I had in mind if indeed it’s possible is to remove/delete the page completely, it’s not really of any benefit to my client as is just becoming an irritation now.

There are many incorrect factors on the site. Her List of Awards and TV credits, age, (I can send over her passport copy) and family history are all incorrect and need to be changed. I can send over correct details once I have corresponded with you.

i look forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks,