Copy writing for an e-commerce website

Seeking a content writer with experience writing for e-commerce websites. Someone familiar with "bullet journaling," fountain pens, paper, and/or notebooks would be a plus. Tasks are: (1) update and improve landing page copy (currently 63 words), (2) write an about us page, and (3) improve a single product page description for a premium notebook paper product (currently 146 words). Strong english skills are a must. Please mention your favorite notebook or pen when bidding. Will provide website and additional details upon request or after acceptance. Opportunity to work on additional pages in the future.

Thesis researcher on the topic "Mass Media communication"

I am looking for an experienced researcher who can help me with my doctoral thesis on the topic "Media Internationalization in the Cultural and Entertainment Industry all over the world

(A survey on American and Korean cases)

Lesson learned for Vietnam"

The thesis is divided into 4 separate chapters but for this part of the thesis, I just need chapter 1 to be work on.

Chapter I:

Theoretical issues of media internationalization in cultural and entertainment industry

1.Key concepts

1.1.Mass media products

1.2.Mass media products in cultural and entertainment industry

1.3.Theory of media and globalization (Elihu Katz, Paul Lazefield)

2.Other related theories

2.1.Theories of culture, media in the globalization context. (John Tomlison, Herben Schiller – Culture Imperialism & Global Media)

2.2.Studies on public audience and theory of reception. (Richard Hugart, Stuart Hall)

3. Subjects of media internationalization in cultural and entertainment industry and factors affecting the production.






3.2.Subjective factors

3.2.1.Economic goals of producers and publishers

3.2.2.Brand marketing goals

3.2.3.Political goals

3.3.Objective factors (cultural, political and social conditions)

3.3.1.The development of technical infrastructure and information-communication technologies.

3.3.2.The globalization of the World Economy

3.3.3.The need for mutual understanding and cultural exchange among countries.

3.3.4.The public audience and their taste.

3.3.5.The market.

Sub-conclusion: This thesis focuses on the roles and activities of subjects involved in the media production and publishing stage in the cultural and entertainment industry. Affecting factors are considered, analysed in the relationship among subjects of this process.


Write a sales introductory letter for B2B approx 200 words

I need a sales letter written to introduce our company to prospective clients , this will be sent as hard copy to the clients with a marketing brochure. I need this letter to be engaging and maximize the readers interest so they take notice of the enclosed brochure & contact us for further information. We have a professionally prepared market research document explaining our target & giving statistics. Samples of previous work must be submitted or available in portfolio. Auto response bids will not be considered. Send me private message for further information.

Revise/recreate my resume

I'm transitioning in my career and need help with developing a new resume and cover letter.

You can see in the uploaded files, I've worked in public accounting for 3.5 years and have some side work teaching/tutoring English as a second language. Now, my fiance and I are moving to Southern China and I'm looking for a new job in sales.

I need a sales professional or an experienced resume writer that has helped professionals transition from accounting to sales. Experience with South China corporations or international corporations is a plus.

Thank you in advance for you interest.

Write an HTML based article

Hey there,


What i mean by write an 'HTML based article' is that you need to write the article as a landing page (One paged website)

[login to view URL]

Embed this video in the website.

The article title should be" poor guy Tries to buy an expensive car "

write 200 words on it (refer to the video)

Add images on the landing page, and on the bottom of the page include a link to the terms and condition / and privacy policy (you may use an policy generator for it)

Include a few native ads widgets on the page as well.

If you understand the job, bid on it and write 'yes i have read it' on your bid.

Thank you

Re-write a Report


Thank you for reviewing my project.

This is a simple project for a top grade writer who is professional and whose first language is English.

You must be a professional writer with experience of writing on topics such as home business and starting a business.

You are required to re-write a business report. The report is taken from a published book so it's important that you re-write the report in your own words so that it will not infringe existing copyright.

The report is 68.5 pages but in reality, there's approximately 30 pages of content to rewrite. The remaining content consists of text that should not be re- written and blank spaces.

The report is written in simple, easy to understand language and you should re-write the text in similar style. As a guide, assume that the reader's level of English is approximately 14 – 16 years of age.

I'll only consider freelancers who meet the above requirements and who will provide sample of written reports from projects they have completed in the past 12 months.

I only hire experienced and professional freelancers for my projects.

Freelancers should review the video included below AND provide a short re-written text taken from the video.

[login to view URL]

If you don't provide a summay, you will NOT be considered for this project. This is how I can tell which freelancer is best suited for this project.

My maximum budget is $300 because I always hire the best freelancers.

Thank you again for reviewing my project and good luck.



Discovery Builders Business Writing Coach

We are building employee business manuals for our project engineer position at our general contracting company, Discovery Builders Nevada, located in Summerlin. Our three project engineers are currently developing these manuals. The 3 professionals are native to India, and therefore English is not their first language. They will need IN-PERSON training sessions on how to write in English in a uniform professional manner. We would like to move forward this week!