EMV software design

1. Design

1.1 EMV Card programmer

1.1.2EMV to be able to customize and write all tracks

1.1.3 Track 1,Track 2, Track3

1.1.4 Needs to be able to write to the ACR 38 usb deivce

1.1.5 Write and generate ARQC(based on track information)

1.1.6 Generate master key (based on ARQC and track information)

2. Options

2.2 Optional Areas for extra data that can be written

2.2.1 AID

2.2.2Country code

2.2.3 ETC…

3. Example

3.1 There are 2 other know software on the market that can do this

3.2 CHIPSOEMV not availeble anymore

3.3 X2EMV demo is avaiable with x1 verison for viewing.

4. Test

4.1 I will provide full access to A private laptop connected to hardware device with cards for testing.

Brute force a DMG file (256-AES)

In short: you know that moment when you want to encrypt your file, but want it to be totally safe and secure, and you come up with a total new, long and above all random password.

Well I do the same for most of my stuff, until lastly: I was under huge time pressure and wanted everything to be secure, so I made a DMG-file on my MacBook and secured it. Several weeks later, when I wanted to re-use my file I noticed that my first attempt was without any success. So I thought of a typo and re-entered. Again, no success. Again, thinking no bad: I re-entered the password slowly and securely. Again, no success. Until after some point and trying to come up with other combinations of what I thought was my password, I realized: I had never used this password before and had lost it.

Of course, in such a case, one refers to Google. However, with my basic knowledge in encrypting I knew: decrypting a 256-AES password is nearly impossible. At least not without knowing key elements of the password, some kind of supercomputer and a lot of knowledge of decryption (or at least Linux for JTR).

So becoming desperate, I tried several solutions, since these files were important for me and I had to get back in. All without success, until a friend of mine referred me to this website. This is one of my last solutions.

I have not used JTR, because I didn't make it through the installment procedure, with the terminals and directories, it didn't make much sense to me.

I am hoping that someone is able to brute force this password, but it contains sensitive information. So before starting the procedure I will need to ensure a way to do this properly and not losing all the sensitive information.

I have read a lot about this topic and know by now it is pretty hard to do this job, but I'm not waiting around for people to tell me that again.

Any valuable input however, is appreciated!

get me .p12 file which will work to sign .jar file for macos gatekeeper

anyone familier with macos app signing for gate keeper. I have java .jar application and using install4j to build dmz file. asks for p12 file which i am giving by extracting from apple developer portal with the help of macos machine i.e macboook.

still its not working neither jar nor dmz file is signed and install4j is complaining about password, which i am sure that password is right, have tried that many times but not working. may be i am missing something. do you have any idea about that ?