Business Intelligence Developer

At Ven Analytics we strongly believe in the transformative power of data and help create data-driven organizations. We do this with a clear focus on delivering prompt, actionable and platform agnostic insights. We use Machine Learning and Business Intelligence solutions to help you know, analyze and shape the tomorrow.

Our Machine Learning products not only help you understand the chaotic tomorrow but also draw meaningful insights from it thus giving you an edge over your competition.

Our Business Intelligence solutions make sure that every unit of your organization is well equipped and updated with the relevant data.


-Currently, we are looking for someone who has experience as a Qlik View/Sense Developer.

-Should have some experience managing the QlikView/QlikSense console.

-Candidate should have exposure to NPrinting.

-Relevant working knowledge and experience in the pharmaceutical industry would be an added advantage.

Execute the python code. Get proper output by providing proper parameters.

Its my project where I have to show bundles of subtrajectories which are passing close to each.

Information about the project can be found here.:-[login to view URL]

[login to view URL]~abhinath/publications/[login to view URL]

I have made a dataset of my [login to view URL] code was built to run for large dataset. But my dataset has only 5 trajectories. So setting up the parameters is difficult. I need some who will execute the code and get proper result as soon as possible.

Prepare presentation on XGBoost

I need someone to prepare a presentation on ML XGBoost numerical Regression model. The presentation must include (1) manually recompute the prediction value done by XGB model (using a simplified example with few decisions tree) and (2) show the computation on how the split value of trees were computed. You may create a simple XGB model using your dummy dataset for this project.

You must have an excellent knowledge on the mathematics behind the XGB logarithm in order to complete this project.

Data Analytics

We are looking for a group or team of individuals to design, develop and deploy scientific or quantitative algorithms to perform predicative analysis for enhancing farming. We have an enormous amount of unstructured data that will need placed into a database or data lake. Most of the data goes back seven years. Data will need extracted than placed into a repository. The needed design will employ "levers" to allow us the ability to lessen one ingredient or environmental condition to discern how it would have or could have positively or negatively impacted production.

Data Analytics Content Marketing

My website offers a new data analytics tool which is still in infancy, I would like someone who will be writing:

* General data analytics articles

* Data analytics/visualization industry trends

* Using the tool itself to analyze some data of their choice or which I provide (The tool so far supports column chart, bar chart, line chart and scatterplot)

In your proposal, please suggest a strategy for content marketing and brand awareness using your high quality writing skills.