PDF Stitching

Books will be uploaded as scanned by duplex pages – all pages will already be numbered correctly. Books are generally about 900 pages

Documents will need to be stitched together into a single PDF. Documents are noted by unique document number on page one – and a stamp and reference to unique document number on last page of document.

List Enrichment – URL, Annual Revenue, Employees, Location

I have 1,995 companies in my database that are missing a primary website URL, which I need enriched.

In addition, these companies are missing one or more of the following key data fields:

– Annual Revenue: 798

– Employee count: 1915

– Billing State/Province: 798

– Billing Country: 801

– Primary Industry classification: 724

So I need bids on enriching this data list. I would provide an Excel spreadsheet with the existing data for enrichment.

An ideal source would be [login to view URL]

Convert Column Text to Rows

I have a single-column listing of about 6800 companies that I need in a table format. The company records are either 7 or 8 rows long, and contain the record delimiter "|" .

I need the single column of data (68,000+ rows) converted to a table consisting of: Account Name, Industry, Revenue, Phone, URL, City, State, Zip.

The source data will be an Excel .xlsx file.