Execute the python code. Get proper output by providing proper parameters.

Its my project where I have to show bundles of subtrajectories which are passing close to each.

Information about the project can be found here.:-[login to view URL]

[login to view URL]~abhinath/publications/[login to view URL]

I have made a dataset of my [login to view URL] code was built to run for large dataset. But my dataset has only 5 trajectories. So setting up the parameters is difficult. I need some who will execute the code and get proper result as soon as possible.

Predict Salary of a Job based on title, description, location, worktype

I need someone who can produce a working Python model to predict a salary of a job based on the jobs title, description, location and worktype.

Will be using a 150,000 row set of training data to train the model. This training set can increase in size if need be (I’ll handle that)

I expect the script once it has been trained to take in a singular input for title, description, location and worktype (full time, part time, casual) and print out a salary figure that is 85%+ accurate. Please nothing less than that and also will not be paying for a model that gives accuracy less than that.

What is important is the accuracy of the model, I need it to predict salary as close as possible and also be able to take in those given input to produce that salary figure.

Please message me with any further queries or inquiries.

Python, Machine Learning, Data Science, Data Analytics

Unsupervised Machine learning model for outlier detection for ordering click stream data

Need to quickly develop unsupervised ML model for outlier detection for click stream data (product order). Data is not labeled so need ML to cluster based on pattern found in data .

Inputs fields – ipaddress and navigation url(page 1 , page 2to page 100)

There will be one record for each IP address and collection of paths navigated. Need to visualize outlier and write outlier in csv files .

Resume Cover letter

Hello, I am applying for college and would like someone to go over these two documents:

– Cover Letter/ Resume

– One-page essay

I am applying for a very specific Graduate program in Data science would like to make sure that the documents provide a clear and descriptive image of the key-topics of data science, analytics, and programming experiences. Because it is in regards to this field, it is important the applicant has Knowledge in this field.

-Proofread the documents and correct any sentences

-Make sure the paragraphs are fluid and tailor to the subject.

-Make sure the cover letter correlates with the resume

-Design the CV/Resume with good format and design (color, setup, font)

-Essay provides a clear and interesting explanation of my interest in Data science.

Everything has been written with the best of my intent. However, I am not the best writer.

Thank you!