Business Intelligence Developer

At Ven Analytics we strongly believe in the transformative power of data and help create data-driven organizations. We do this with a clear focus on delivering prompt, actionable and platform agnostic insights. We use Machine Learning and Business Intelligence solutions to help you know, analyze and shape the tomorrow.

Our Machine Learning products not only help you understand the chaotic tomorrow but also draw meaningful insights from it thus giving you an edge over your competition.

Our Business Intelligence solutions make sure that every unit of your organization is well equipped and updated with the relevant data.


-Currently, we are looking for someone who has experience as a Qlik View/Sense Developer.

-Should have some experience managing the QlikView/QlikSense console.

-Candidate should have exposure to NPrinting.

-Relevant working knowledge and experience in the pharmaceutical industry would be an added advantage.

Tableau visualisation report

Study and Analyse the weather report Visualisation at

[login to view URL]

Write an Essay/Report (800 -900) words long based on your analysis of the visualisation technique

(Rain Radar graphical visualisation and Text visualisation of weather available at the above link)

Analyse them in terms of their structure and meaning. Does the data have spatial or temporal

attributes, discuss classes of techniques, such as scientific versus information visualization, spatial

versus nonspatial visualization, and continuous versus discrete data visualization Is it nominal or

ordinal (or both)? Discuss the weakness and strength of each technique. Discuss how the context is

provided to the visualisations (filter / groups / sets) etc.

UI/UX for online search interface and interactive dashboard

Looking for a talented freelance UI/UX designer to provide the design for a web development project at a local university. We currently have a repository of data, and would like to build a user interface for querying, analyzing and extracting data from the repository.

I'd like to work with someone who is great at design, particularly with an eye for clean, easy-to-use interfaces, and some knowledge of interactive data visualisation (maps and graphs) and dashboards would be ideal. This project is probably a good fit with someone who wants to do something a little different, enjoys more conceptual work and is able to proactively probe and translate a set of requirements, as this is not a standard commercial project. You will also liaise with people on our team to ensure that the design is implementable; any experience with web development and CSS would be helpful in this regard.

Must be in Singapore.

build a time-series visualization with D3

I have this data that I want to visualize in an interactive line graph using D3 in an html page. The y-axis will be the value, the x-axis will be the time. Along with this, I want the visualization to be interactive using a time slider (The slider slides through years, months days and hours), so when we slide the data in the graph changes. The visualization should be dynamic, and by that I mean my data is for 5 items and their value over time, if I get more items, I will visualize more than 5 lines in the graph. The data is time-series in a csv file. You can start with any data in this structure (id "numbers", percentage "number from 0-100", date "%d-%m-%Y %H:%M")